Thursday, March 1, 2012

Destash Collection Close-out Sale-o-Rama!

I put a few beads and findings in my studio for a Destash Blog Hop awhile back.  They are found in the "Bead Extras--Destash" section.  
 I want to get them out of my studio inventory now.   They keep appearing in  my rotating displays of jewelry when I could have jewelry I made in those slots! 

Maybe this will be good news for somebody wanting some beads at less than cost?   I'm going to sell what I can and then remove the rest from the studio.

Starting today,
  • All destash is 1/2 off its originally low price.   
  • I'm also changing postage from $1.50  (already a reduced rate from than other packages) to 75 cents.      
  • There will be no additional postage charge for additional items from the destash so the more you buy, the more you save.     
  • If you place an order, I'll even send you some "freebies" just like the online supply stores do!  :-)  
Again, it's all in the "Bead Extras--Destash" section of my studio.   I'm going to leave it there rather than move it to the Sale section.   The "Destash Collection Close-out Sale" lasts for one week, then it all goes away from the studio.  

But wait, there's more!   
    (No, not Ginsu knives....)   

BONUS!--  If you want to buy jewelry along with your destash,  drop me a note, and I'll give you free shipping on the jewelry and mail your item(s)  with the Destash.   Now that's a bargain!   You'll only pay 75 cents for the total shipping!   

Please let me know in advance and I'll set up a special offer for you so you don't get charged the shipping fee for the jewelry purchase.   (Sorry, offer only good in connection with destash purchases.  So, what the hay, buy some destash!)

Oh yes, remember to check the "On Sale Now" section for additional new sales!  Does it get any better than this?!  ;-)

Thanks and best wishes!    Happy Shopping!

Sharyl's Jewelry

Sale will be available through 
Thursday, March 8th, at Midnight Central time.

* * * * * * *
P.S.  I have great news to share!   I'm awaiting info, but it's been announced that I've won one of 2 random drawings from the Feb. Art Bead Scene Challenge!  I believe it's a gift certificate from Marie Cramp's "More Skye Jewels" shop on Etsy.    I'll provide more details when I have them.   The give-away is quite generous so I promise to create a little give-away here when it arrives!   Sharing will continue the fun, and we'll take the opportunity to highlight  Marie's lovely work!  


Pine Ridge Treasures said...

Hurray, Sharyl! We both sure love our giveaways! I'll post your destash sale on my facebook page.

Stepha said...

I bought some, a red rose.. and I spelled my name wrong.. lol

Sharyl said...

Ha! It's funny, I mistype my name all the time too! I thank you kindly for the order and I'll try to get your name right when I send! Thanks so much--hope you enjoy the goodies! --Sharyl

P.S. I've been hoping someone would buy that red rose and show me what could be done with it. If you don't mind, I would love to see what you create!

Sharyl said...

Pine Ridge Treasure--Thanks a bunch!!

adlinah said...

Congratulations on winning the draw. You'll have so much fun stocking up on pretty things from Marie's store. Thanks for popping by and commenting on my Blog Party post - really appreciate it!