Thursday, March 1, 2012

Getting Back to "Seed Beading!"

...Before the February Art Bead Scene Challenge,

...before "7000 Bracelets for Hope,"

...We had "Seed Beading with Tanya Goodwin!" 

If you happened to miss that guest entry, or just want to take a second look (...and it's worth a second look)... you can link to it above!  

At the end of that entry, I suggested we have a followup, showing the works of others of you on this blog who do seed beading jewelry.   So far, I have 2 people expressing interest, but I know there are several more of you out there!   

This doesn't have to be a lot of work on your part.   Just leave a comment at the end of this page that you would like to be involved and include a link to your blog.   I'll be in touch with further directions and a date.   

You will have the option to create a special page with several sample photos or we can link to an existing page showing something you've made.    (You do not have to create any  new jewelry for this.   This is so we can see more samples of seed beading and learn more about what some of you are doing!)

If you don't have a blog, no worries, you will be able to email  me your photos and I'll post on my blog.   

If you have an online store, we can include a link to that also.  Maybe someone would like to shop!   Anyway, I'll send the details. 

All you have to do right now is...  comment to this message if you would like to participate in showing a couple of your seed bead projects and include your blog address. (If you don't have a blog, I can probably reply to your message and have it go to your email.  We'll work it out.)  

So, 2 is cool, but the more, the merrier!

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P.S.  I'm giving you advance notice of my Destash Close-out Sale  at Sharyl's Jewelry coming soon.   (Believe it or not, I'm adding to it before I do away with it!)

Even if you're not big on destash, there may be something about this sale you like!   Keep your eye out!   Details will be announced tonight or tomorrow!   
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1st 2 photos by Sharyl

3rd photo by Tanya

Note paper:

Shopping bag:


Marla said...

Thank you for supporting us seed bead weavers! If I was a bit more confident in my designs I would love to do this.

Sharyl said...

Marla, I would encourage you to share a piece of your work regardless of your skill level. First of all, it's probably absolutely lovely. Second of all, this blog is all about learning.

You wouldn't believe some of the disasters I've shared here, and only received support and encouragement. As a result, I keep trying and learn more! Next year, I'll look back on what I did this year and shudder! Ha! Anyway, if you would like to at all, please share. I can't seed bead at all, so you're bound to be better at it than me! :-)

LoriF said...

Hi Sharyl! Thanks for your comments on MY blog about my seed bead work! I would love to be involved with this project! I have tons of pictures, so just let me know what I need to do for you.
My blog is at

Sounds like fun!

Sharyl said...

Thanks so much, Lori, count yourself in! I'll be in touch in a couple of days if not sooner!