Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Chatting with Natalie Pappas

Do you recall this necklace from the March 2012 Art Bead Scene Challenge? If not, you can go to my blog entry for the March ABS Challenge to see a photo of the inspirational art piece, "Street Scene in Montmartre: Le Moulin a Poivre"by Vincent Van Gogh, read about the design process, and get a close-up look at the art beads created by Natalie Pappas.

I tell you this not to brag on my great necklace (ha!) but to brag on my great taste in beads!  :-)   Because the truth is.... 

...one of the bead styles I used in that necklace, made by Natalie, has just been published in a book released today, June 19th, called "Bohemian-Inspired Jewelry," by  Lorelei Hill Eurto and Erin Siegel!    

I'm sure the book will be selling elsewhere,  perhaps at jewelry stores near you, but it is on sale at Amazon starting today if you are looking for a copy to buy ASAP.   (Remember that many local libraries will it carry too.  If not, you can request they purchase a copy for their collections!)   

You can buy more of these fabulous (now famous) beads at Natalie's store, NKP Designs.

And while you are checking out "all things Natalie,"  if you drop by her blog, you'll find her interview with me!   It was great fun and a great honor to appear on her blog.  Hope you enjoy it too!   

Many thanks to Natalie for the interview and for continuing to deliver wonderfully creative beads for us all to use!   Continued best wishes!

Sharyl ~ Sharyl's Jewelry  


Natalie -- NKP Designs said...

Thank you, Sheryl! I have been very excited about that book coming out with my beads used in those designs. It is so neat to come up with a design and find that others love it as much as you do.

That was a fun interview with you yesterday. Thanks again!

Tanya said...

I do love the necklace you made. You did a great job with Natalie's awesome beads.

Jean A. Wells said...

Yes, Natalie's beads are special. I haven't made a formal announcement yet, but I have a necklace coming out in the Fall issue of Stringing which features one of Natalie's beads. Stay tuned to our blogs for more on that.

Congratulations on your beautiful necklace. It is gorgeous.

Sharyl said...

Congrats, Jean! Please keep us posted on this!