Sunday, June 10, 2012

i heart macro: This weeks blooms

There were two new things of interest blooming in my yard this week...

One of several varieties of hostas 
I have growing,
green most of the season, 
then for a short while 
they pop forth with color.
The white-bloomed ones come first.  
The purple will come later this summer.

#8 - "Patience"

And for the last two weeks, we've been patiently waiting for this to happen...and slowly, ever so slowly, it's happening.

The hydrangeas are in bloom again!

Please visit the other folks
and see what lovely things they are showing today at Studio Waterstone's


Unknown said...

So pretty!

Lindsay said...

Beautiful close-ups of your garden, especially the first one, such a nice composition. :)

Birgitta said...

Just love your flower macros here! So elegant and so beautiful!

Jenni said...

Those are two really beautiful shots. I have no flowers to speak of in the garden at the moment.. sob! Thanks for stopping by.

Leah said...

I have never seen an early blooming white hostas before...lovely.
And my hydrangea are sadly, not looking too good this year. I guess I will have to have patience in enjoying my flowers that are doing well.
Lovely photos,

Vores have said...

Great pictures you show. Wishing you a good Sunday. Hanne Bente /

Janneke said...

What a pretty flowers ..

Susan W said...

Wonderful photos. I've never seen a white Hosta bloom before. Mine are all purple.

Tanya said...

I am very behind. I love those. The first picture is so soft and gorgeous.