Thursday, June 7, 2012

Gratitude Drawing!

Thanks again for helping me go from "double-75s" to 100 Facebook Likes and 80 Blog members in record time!   


As a "thank you," I'm holding a "gratitude drawing" worth $15 of free goods from "Sharyl's Jewelry" online.   The winner can either select something $15 or less, or may deduct $15 from a higher priced item.   (Like a gift certificate, without the certificate!)   The winner will just tell me what they want and I'll either remove it or mark it down for them.     If you click on the option to list the "lowest" priced items first, you can see there are several pages of items $15 and under.  

Now, to get your name in the hat, I'd like to hear the most helpful, effective, or funny thing you've ever tried in an attempt to sell something.   If you don't sell jewelry or anything else, then feel free to reverse the situation and tell us about how someone tried to sell you something in a way your found impressive or humorous.   

This doesn't have to be rocket science, just something that might spark an idea for one of us...or give us a chuckle!  (You can even include a pet peeve... What really turns you off during a sales interaction?)

Then tell me you'd like your name in the hat for the drawing.   That's it! 
Please enter prior to Saturday Jun 9, at 5:00pm Central time.  The drawing will take place Sat. after 5pm.

Final Note:   I'll ask that you do not leave a message that has both an email address and your story in the comments.  You are most welcome to leave 2 separate messages.  I'll post your story and just save the one with the email address in case you are the winner.   I try not to post people's email addresses on the blog unless they've given me permission to do so.  

As always, 

...thanks for all you've done,
...thanks for participating in the discussion and drawing,
...and very best wishes!



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Unknown said...

The funniest thing I did to try and sell some jewelry is conning my youngest son (26) into wearing one of my necklaces to work. HAHAHA!

Natalie -- NKP Designs said...

SO ... my hubby and I went to a brand new restaurant last night to eat and every employee there, from the hostess to the waitress(es) from the busboys to the manager kept asking us if we liked the food and if we would be back. Well, the food actually was really good, but all that asking was annoying and yet when it was time to get the check and leave we couldn't get anyone's attention. It was kinda ironic. And no, we're not going back.

Mary Anne said...

I offer to modify pieces any way they like - from different chain, longer/shorter, remove bits, add bits, make it in a different color, just about anything!

Michelle W said...

When my husband and I went to the Dominican Repubic there were local jewelry artisans everywhere. And they would not leave you alone. The tried to give you one piece free so you would feel obligated to buy something from their stand. Some would even try to put necklaces on you as you were going by their table. It is funny looking back over that experience, though it was annoying at the time.

Sharyl said...

I'm loving your stories and suggestions! Please keep 'em coming!

My own memory of the "biggest turnoff" is similar to Natalie's and Michelle's. I can remember being in a shopping mall (MANY years ago--no longer do mall shopping)...and having a shoe salesman not only try to do a hard-sales approach on me...not in the store, not outside the store window, but clear across the large aisleway where I was walking. He came across and kept asking which pair I liked best and wanted to try on. I wasn't even close enough to see what shoes they had!

I believe strongly that it's helpful to be "in front of" your product or table at a booth, to smile and greet people, but accosting those who are clearly uninterested tends to be a big turnoff! ;-)

Mary Anne--Thanks for the tips for what you offer to help make a sale! I've only done that in a small way, but sounds like that could be a winner!

Dyanne--Waiting for someone to top your story in the humor category! My son is 21 and less cooperative or I'd give that one a try! I do give my niece things a lot. She's 20 and a college student. She loves jewelry and is on fb. She sends out messages to her friends sometimes, an added bonus!

Love all your comments!

Diane Valasek said...

I think the funniest thing I ever did was when I helped my best friend give away a litter of kittens. My BFF worked at a vet and people were always dropping off boxes of kittens at the office in the middle of the night. Both of us were allergic to cats, so we were carrying this box of kittens in the mall. Our faces were blotchy, our eyes were swollen and our noses were runny. We were telling people that we had to find homes for the kittens; we couldn't keep them because we were allergic. We would hold up the kitties and ask people if they wanted one of these cutie pies. I think people felt so sorry for us. We were able to find homes for all of them in record time.

Krista said...

One time I was hat shopping, and I was really debating buying this one hat, and the shop owner said to me, "someone was here in earlier and they were really interested in that hat." It was probably a lie, but I bought the hat!

Tammie T Everly said...

Hi Sharyl, Thanks for the opportunity. I think the most helpful things for me in selling (I've been at it just a year) are searching Flickr for photos of peoples show set ups. I had a very busy and amateur set up in the beginning, now it is much sleeker, neutral and I think more professional. Many of the ideas were inspired by pictures I saw there.
Secondly, just getting over shyness and fear. Learning to talk about my pieces and try to inject just a little of my personality and passion. I was very nervous in the beginning, but with time it has improved.

Unknown said...

The biggest thing Ive done to gain a customer was when I was brand spankin new to shipping items... I had a 1 month free shipping deal going on. Not only am I a jewelry designer but I make custom sewn items as well, this particular order was for a large (3ft long) bright green moustache pillow. I had no idea how much shipping was back then, being new I thought it couldnt be that bad (keep in mind Im in Canada, we dont have flat rate shipping).
When I went to the post office to send the $18 item.... shipping was $57.00!! I just about got sick when she told me how much it was going to cost! And that was the cheapest option available, it just went up from there. So I coughed up the $57 and never did tell the customer, in hopes that maybe I would gain customers from word of mouth since she loved the 'stache so much.... What a learning experience that was I'll tell ya! I know the tricks of the trade now but its all a learning experience.
Thanks for the chance!! :)

Sharyl said...

Thanks to each of you for participating! The drawing is now closed. An announcement will follow later this evening!

Sharyl said...

Those are all great stories, and I thank you for sharing them with all of us! I love it when I expect some basic answer and get a colorful story that's lets me get to know you better! I now have sales tips, but also delightful stories to know and remember you by! With gratitude, as always,

Tanya said...

A late congratulation on your 100 and 80. I'm so excited for you. I'm always drawn in when the artists begins to tell me about the piece (or pieces) I'm looking at. It's cool to know a meaning behind a necklace or a special bead or handmade component. It never fails to make me take a longer look at something I might have just set back down.