Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"Kreativ Blog Awards - Awesome Blogs, Awesome People!"

I managed to find myself in the position of receiving several pieces of very good (surprise)  news items in one day recently!    One of these was to be named a "Kreativ Blogger" by Lisa of "Pine Ridge Treasures!   (online store) and (blog)

According to Lisa's blog, 

"The Kreativ Blog award is an award given by peers and blog followers for having a special and creative blog..."  and  

"...when you receive this award, there are a few rules:

1. Post a link to the person who awarded you 

2. Share 7 well-thought out random things about yourself

3. Award to 10 other deserving bloggers and let them know"

I just included the links to Lisa's blog and online store above, so on to sharing 7 things about me....

1) I just returned from a trip to Breckenridge, Colorado for a family wedding.

2) I've been to Breckenridge one other time--over 30 years ago--when I made my first trip with friends, sans-parents!  

3) I started working with brass and copper a while back with encouragement from Lori Anderson and Melinda Orr.   I'm loving it!   I've started to use the pieces in my jewelry-making and to sell a few from my online studio as well.    

4) My kitchen has little "chemical experiments" going on in designated areas right now--all having to do with treating metal in some way or another.  Just moments ago, I realized the error in one I had been trying for weeks.   I went to retrieve it to add the additional ingredient and realized that moments before, it had been accidentally tossed down the drain.  Luckily I was able to retrieve the jagged bits of scrap metal before it went down the drain to cause potential plumbing problems.   Whew--close call!

5)  I'm not a woman of many shoes, but I love the ones I have--I live in my Merrell shoes 1/2 the year, and my men's Rockport boots the other 1/2.  I'm all about the comfort!

6)  Lisa and I share a fondness for the color "aqua."  But sitting here at my desk, I just realized that it must have been a favorite of my mother's too.  She had several long necklaces with aqua-colored beads and clothing in that shade as well.   I have one of her long chain of glass beads in aqua hanging across my window right next to me.

7) My sister has several rare autoimmune disorders.   To raise awareness of Rare Disorders and money for research,  I offer a "Hope" Collection  in my studio. 25% of the price paid for the jewelry is given to an organization pertaining to Rare Disorders.

Now, enough about ME,... on to the next 10 people to whom I bestow the Award of "Kreativ Blogger!"


In no particular order, I hold in high esteem the following blog writers:

This is not a jewelry site, but a beautiful photography site. I met Carole through our participation in the “I Heart Macro” group on Lori Plyler's "Studio Silverstone’s" blog. Carole does beautiful wildlife photography and often catches birds at their best—up close and personal or soaring in the sky. I’ve also seen her do gorgeous landscapes, oceanscapes, and architectural photographs. Her site is a real “spirit lifter!” My husband’s mother was from Australia, and I’ve visited twice, so I enjoy getting to see more of Australia through Carole’s photographs and travels!

Studio Waterstone 

Lori’s site about art, creativity, the handbags she makes from recycled leather, and DIY projects is inspirational and a treat just to view. She also hosts “I heart macro,” a weekly photography group that pulls in photographers from beginners to professionals. People from many countries participate each week. I contribute nearly every week and check in on other’s entries. I joined to learn more about macro photography in general, hoping it would help with the photographs I take of my jewelry. I have learned a lot about macro photography, have seen so many wonderful photographs, and met some delightful people along the way. What a pleasant addition to my Sunday routine!

Brandi Girl Blog: A Life Inspired by Color 
by Brandi 

Jewelry artist turned all-around color guru, Brandi’s work with color palettes (as well as graphic arts, photography, and more) is very well known. A lot of people refer to her as a “go-to” person. I think this indicates her wide breadth of knowledge on topics many of us just touch on. She is an inspiration when it comes to color, taking chances, and creating new futures. I always learn something new or gain a fresh perspective when I read Brandi Girl Blog!

Copper, Glass, and Recycled Trash 
by “Beadbug” (Tracy Bell) 

This is the blog of Tracy Bell who has a shop at Tracy does some of the most creative jewelry I’ve seen using copper and other items previously used. She constantly keeps her designs fresh and always seems to be a step ahead. She makes her jewelry, creating each component by hand (copper, lampwork, and whatever else suits her fancy).  The really nice thing is she discusses and shows her marvelous pieces regularly on her blog. I always enjoy what I find there!

Beads for Busy Gals 

I enjoy Elisabeth’s blog because she’s always eager to learn and share new things…enameling, lampwork, and jewelry design techniques, to name a few. There are also some “real life” stories involving family, military work, and her photography. I really enjoyed recent entries on creating a new workspace in her home for making lampwork beads and other jewelry! She typically has photographs to go with her entries, adding even more interest! Elisabeth also has a shop on Etsy:

Sadafulee ... always in bloom! 
by Kashmira Patel

I enjoy following Kashmira Patel on Facebook, her new jewelry store, and her blog . Her banners read, “Sadafulee …always in bloom.” As she notes on her Luulla store page, “It is a happy-go-lucky small shrub. It cares not for the world. It rejoices in sun or rain, or the seaside, in good or indifferent soil and often grows wild.” As well as the ongoing cheerful atmosphere, and her openness and desire to learn more, I’m impressed by what drives Kashmira’s efforts: “This venture comes from my passion for art and for helping underprivileged children. I plan to donate most of the proceeds from this store to a charity working with slum children in India. I am hoping the universe will help me grow this store to help the children to ‘always bloom’!”

Linda’s Bead Blog and Meanderings 
 by Linda Landig  

Like Linda, I have a shop on ArtFire.  In truth, I have a shop on ArtFire because of Linda! Last year when I was desperately trying to decide between going with Etsy, selling through my website using PayPal, or selling through E-bay, Linda told me there were other options, including ArtFire. I looked into it, and immediately felt it was right for me! So every once in a while, Linda gets an extra question regarding ArtFire from me, which she graciously takes time to answer. I appreciate that very much. In the meantime though, I continue to learn a lot about good design (jewelry and web) by keeping up with her blog on Word Press. 

Silver Parrot – Fine Artisan Jewelry 
by KJ

I’m not sure how I first found this blog, but it’s one of a few I’ve been reading almost as long as I’ve been blogging myself. It’s a joy to view her jewelry designs and read about the thought process that went into each one. She creates and photographs some of the loveliest jewelry around! And for another treat, be sure to watch for special issues of her blog featuring “Bead Porn,” some of the best, most beautiful hoard-worthy beads around! There is also talk of resin products and an opportunity to see her resin art beads before they hit her “BeResinable” shop on Etsy.

Pretty Things Blog 
by Lori Anderson

I’ve been struggling all day and ½ the night to find 10 blogs not already awarded this honor. So many have been. I just bet that the author of the ebook “Follow the Path: Ideas and Inspiration for the Creative Blogger” has been listed several times. If she has, she deserves it. And I don’t see the badge on her website yet, so I’m including Lori Anderson. She’s witty, funny, experienced in the world of jewelry design and the business. She struggles like the rest of us, but is willing to share those struggles so everyone knows she’s human too. I’ve learned so much from her. And many learn from reading her blog. It’s one I try hard not to miss!

NKP Designs 
by Natalie Pappas 

She’s talked about tools (one of my favorite topics), she’s talked about pottery mugs and jewelry (which she sells and I love), and she’s discussed everything from sheet metal to gardening. Heck, she’s even interviewed me! What’s not to love about Natalie Pappas! Her blog is entertaining, insightful, and instructional. And I love shopping at her store!

Congratulations to these 10 “Kreative Bloggers!” 
Thank you for providing us with informative and delightful material to read!  I hope you will grab this badge and each go forth to award 10 others this honor! 

Very best wishes! 


Carole M. said...

thanks Sharyl for including me in your blog award. I was intruiged that I'm also wearing a pair of Merrell walkers right now :)

Tanya said...

Congratulations. You deserve the award. :). I 'm also a fan of several of the blogs you listed and will now be checking out a few more.

Beadbug said...

This is great I love the idea and it's always nice to know a little more about the bloggers I keep up with.

Thanks so much for your kind words about my bog and work. I can't wait to pick my top 10 :)

Natalie -- NKP Designs said...

How fun! Thanks so much for including me!

Marla said...

Great Blogs! You need to check mine out as well as I also awarded you with this lol. I am glad to see you back! Was getting a bit worried!

Sharyl said...

A million thanks to you, Marla! Yes, I was out much of last week on vacation and left my laptop at home for a change! :-) Nice vacation, but nice to be back too!

I'll be sure and visit your site now to see who else you selected! Thanks and best wishes! --Sharyl

Sharyl said...

Speaking of Marla and her blog, "Spice Box Designs," which you must visit,....

Thank you, Marla! I love your blog too! In addition to be a pleasure to read, it's a joy to behold! So very attractive!

... I also neglected to post about Pixiloo. (I wonder where my manners have gotten away to?!) Pixiloo also included me in her "list of 10!" I realized it when I went to her blog to get info to name her! Since I was trying to list people not yet selected, I moved on, but should have included her blog URL too. It's called "A Work in Progress" and shows her beautiful seed bead and other jewelry work, discussed other's jewelry, jewelry challenge pieces, and she also participates in "i heart macros" each Sunday, so you'll find lovely, lovely photographs on her blog then!

We realized a while back that we live pretty close together and have met each other now. What fun! Be sure to drop by her blog too at:

Thanks so much! --Sharyl

Sharyl said...

Carole--You are welcome! And thanks glad you have Merrell's across the pond! My sister-in-law put me on to those. Love them!

To Beadbug and Natalie! You are both so deserving and so very welcome! Best wishes! --Sharyl

Pine Ridge Treasures said...

Sharyl - I have been having trouble posting a comment (my computer). Hope this goes through. I love the list of blogs that you selected. Congrats on being selected a Kreative Blogger by several people! You deserve it!

Lori P said...

Sharyl, thank you so very much for including me in this list - I'm honored. Love all the details about you. I'm an aqua lover as well.