Thursday, July 26, 2012

NKP Designs Presents: A Fundraiser for Philip Pappas

Mother and son, both struggling to beat cancer at the same time.   It sounds like a story you would read in a newspaper, in some other place, happening to people you don't know.   

But the truth is, many of you do know Natalie Pappas, bead designer from NKP Designs.   And some of you will know that she and her son shared this experience last year.   Both are doing well, but son Philip was left with very high uncovered medical expenses.  He is still trying to pay his parents back for his medical bills, and has put together this fund raiser.   To read more, please visit Natalie's blog  for NKPDesigns.

To help in the project, Natalie has donated one-of-a-kind pottery mugs she has recently handmade to be auctioned.  They are gorgeous!   (Each is different, but one sample is shown below.)

Blue Yumoni  Mug

There was a local event on July 21, but still time for the rest of us to participate  in online bidding for mugs!   All details are included here.

There is more info about:

  • Philip
  • photos of the mugs
  • how to place a bid for a mug

We wish Natalie and Philip good health and very best wishes on the fundraiser!

Sharyl ~ Sharyl's Jewelry

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Photo Credits:

All by Natalie Pappas of NKP Designs. Used by permission.

Purple Lavender Textured Ceramic Beads from NKP Designs:

Blue Yumoni Mug for Auction:

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