Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Showing my Colors: Orange and Blue

Back in April, a "Sun and Sea Side Challenge" was announced on the "Creative Beat Chat" Facebook group, and I jumped at the chance to be a part of it!   The rules were simple--create jewelry using the colors orange and blue and ivory/white.   (This was a secondary challenge to one where beads were given away.  

In this side challenge, we used our own beads.  I actually volunteered for this one.  I had just been on this orange roll and had several sets of orange beads to choose from.  And I nearly always have a stash of blue!   I found some ivory and was good to go.  For once, I would not have to order beads to participate!   I even had art beads I could include.   I was ready to begin!

Shortly before, there had been a "stacked bracelet" challenge.  I hadn't heard of this until it was over, but had the opportunity to admire the results.  I decided to give this style a try with my orange and blue. 

I had a stacked layer bracelet (3 bracelets actually) created and ready to go by the next day.   I have seldom worked with such speed and vision!   Then began the long wait...

I was like a kid in a car on a trip across country.  "When's the reveal date?" repeated often can begin to sound like, "Are we almost there yet?"   The date was always so far off in the future I didn't bother to memorize it.   I just asked again every few weeks.

Then one day, I heard it mentioned when the date would be--in early July.   And of course, I was planning to be out of town on vacation.   I'm guessing they had the event, but I never saw any of the entries, and never posted my own.  (Bummer...)

So, rather than pout (it's so unflattering),... I decided to share it with you all.   :-)

Some of my several varieties of orange-colored beads,
along with blue beads
and a ceramic art bead in ivory and blue by 

Natalie Pappas of NKP Beads.

This was a first attempt at bending a brass cuff.
It was easy,...way too easy.
The brass was too lightweight.
I could bend it into place
and just as easily bend it out of its shape too!
The funky kimono look I tried over the brass cuff
tied the colors together of all 3 bracelets,
but didn't do much style-wise.
I later decided it just didn't belong in the set.

A third bracelet, similar in style to the first...
Both of these are made with memory wire.
This time the blue is turquoise 
and the orange is lighter 
and mixed with some yellow.
There is another of Natalie's wonderful beads,
and a small round copper charm I made 
attached to the back of the bracelet.

Finally, I added these earrings in turquoise,
denim blue,
and bright orange colors,
wrapped in bright copper.

The full bracelet set as I once envisioned...

Then later, with the "kimono" cuff removed, below.

If you did a piece for this challenge too, please feel free to provide a link to it in the Comments section.  I would love to see what you created!   Thanks and have a good week!



Turtles:  http://www.wpclipart.com/animals/aquatic/turtle/red-eared_sliders.png


Karin Slaton said...

Love the stacked bracelet trend, and you've created a delicious version. I say leave the kimono piece in! It works so well with all the other textures. You've inspired me to create this look for myself!

Alice said...

So many wonderful pieces you made! I love all the vibrant colors and great textures.

We did have the reveal on July 1. You can go here if you want to see who played along:


Sharyl said...

My sincere thanks to both of you for your comments! It will be nice to look at the other entries, and I'm glad to get the feedback on the bracelets!

Skye said...

Lovely! I skipped this challenge for some reason... I don't remember why but I do remember I had a reason lol

I'll let you in on a secret to never miss posting for a hop when you're done early... Write your post and schedule it for the reveal date and time ;) I've done this a few times, and only once did it not post... because I hit the 'save' button by mistake instead of hitting the 'publish' button to set the timer >.< lol
I'm planning doing this for the BSBP, too.. assuming I get done earlier enough to not do a last minute rush post lol

Pine Ridge Treasures said...

Nice looking set! I agree with Backstory Beads - I'd leave the kimono piece in.

Krista said...

I really love those memory wire bracelets!

Chelle said...

I so love what you did with the set. Very cool colors.

Natalie -- NKP Designs said...

Oh my Sharyl, I love what you did with the ceramic bead you bought from me. What a pretty bracelet!

Sharyl said...

Thanks to all and to Natalie, I'm always so pleased when I've pleased the beadmaker! :-) Thanks for commenting too! Your beads really did "make" the bracelet!