Friday, July 20, 2012

Number Pattern Fascination: Time to be Grateful

Look what time it is!!!

I love number patterns and always have.  Don't ask me why.   When the clock turns to 12:34, I'm excited every single time!   Same is true for 11:11.  10:10?  You betcha!   3:33...great thrill!    (Am I easily entertained or do I have a compulsion?   I've never really wanted to know since I derive such pleasure from my fascination with number sequences!)

I'm looking forward to December 12 this year (12/12/12), but we've have other good ones in the last few years too:   (01/01/01 and 11/11/11, for instance)

So I can't help but be intrigued by a few statistics in my own world at the moment:

  • Facebook Fans:   111
  • Blog Followers:    88
As you might guess, I just love it when this happens!   :-)

Here are a few other statistics and "fun facts" to know and tell, even if their number patterns are not so exciting:

In all, I've written 207 blog entries since publishing my first on June 16, 2011.
182 of those have been published.
(Sort of makes you wonder what happened to the other 25!)

My first entry was called, "Jewelry Design - My Unique Philosophy."    Although I'm a little embarrassed of some of those earliest blog entries, I have to admit that this particular one sounds like I could have just written it.  Every bit of it is still true, and that's likely because it is not much impacted by trends and fads, but it is at the core of what I believe and do.

When I started, I personally welcomed every new member to the blog!   There was a "Welcome" sign and I would tell a little about the person if I could find the info online.   I wanted to encourage conversation and a feeling of community on this blog, and welcoming and introducing new people seemed like a good start!    It think I made it to around 25.   Then Blogger went wacko, kept removing and adding people at will, and I could no longer tell who was really here and who wasn't.   I had to stop for a while.   By the time it was fixed, we had gained quite a few new members and it was hard to figure out who was new and when they came.   So, I'm sorry, but my individual  personal welcomes came to an end then.  

I do still want you to know though, that whatever the situation, no matter how much we grow, and no matter how cool the number sequences, :-)...   I continue to appreciate you being here very much.   Your readership, comments, and support mean so much to me!      You've helped me learn about jewelry making, beads, photography, tools, workspace, techniques, business, and so much more!   I hope you have gained something from being here too.

You helped me decide to open a store on ArtFire!

Did you know I now offer
a line of
"Components by Sharyl?"

It's been a little over a year now, and I hope you'll stick with me for another year.   Please tell your friends.   Contribute as much as you would like to.   Contact me if you are interested in being featured or have a topic you would like to see discussed.   

Hieroglyphic Numbers, Anyone?
(See why I need your feedback?!)

I'll keep looking for interesting things for us to look at and learn about.   ...and all the interesting number patterns I can find!   ;-)  

Happy July!  Stay cool!

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Graphic Credits:

Sharyl's Jewelry Logo:  by Andrew Nelson c. 2011

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Carole M. said...

Hi Sharyl, I still love to stop by and check you out :) see what you're up to. Good to see how your FB and blogging and jewellery making projects have prospered; whod' have thought the cyber-world would have taken over like this?! It has become an integral part of our lives somewhat. Keep enjoying where you're at, at any stage of the journey ahead...

Marla said...

When I was a child when I looked at the clock and noticed the numbers were all the same like at 1:11 I always made a wish. Now that I am older I try not to watch the clock so much because I am really starting to notice how fast time flies.