Thursday, March 20, 2014

Introducing "Funky Flat Poly Beads!"

First of all, let me just say "Happy Spring!"   ...Finally!

I'll be showing you some new colors from my collection for Spring shortly, but first, (as my Dad used to say, I must "make a short story long!"   :-)

After playing around with buttons, stamps, cookie-type cutters, and molds as ways to form my polymer clay beads, I recently returned to the first tool I worked with... my hands.

I still love forming beads in all shapes

 and colors, 

...but have hit upon a very basic shape that I'm really loving to use in my designs, and I'm hoping some of you will too!   ("Think round,"... then let your mind wander a bit...)

They can be used in pairs for earrings or as spacer beads in "ethnic," "native," or "Boho" designs.  (I use some of these terms with a bit of trepidation, but hear them used a lot to describe jewelry designs.) Larger ones could be put together or stacked for a focal.   They can be used by the bunches in various sizes, all strung up.   If I say so myself, they look great with other polymer beads and pendants, but also with stones, ceramic, metals, and other mediums.  

Want to see what I'm excited about?!      

It's my "Funky Flat Poly Beads!"  

I know as soon as I say this, there will be umpteen people making these or who have made them in the past that I'm unaware of.  If so, I apologize and hope I've copied no one's idea.   At the same time, flat rondelle beads come in Czech glass, Greek Mykonos ceramic beads, stone, bone (which, sorry, I don't use), wood, metal, sea glass, etc.  I've always used a lot of flat spacer beads in my designs, which is probably what drew me to this shape.  So, hopefully, I'm just borrowing an old shape and tweaking it.  

The beads are hand-shaped so when you "think round," think "organic" rather than "cookie-cutter" round.   

Look for my coordinating beads, pendants, earring dangles, and headpins!

The first batch I've listed in my store are these bright-colored ones, some in solid colors, others variegated by mixing two colors by hand.  Basic colors are teal, lime, and hot pink!  

You can find these in the "Polymer Clay Beads and Buttons" section of my "Sharyl's Jewelry" store on Artfire.

I don't use a pasta maker at this point, I still do it by hand and with a rolling pin.   I make each one by hand, and it's much more time-consuming than many might expect.   The smaller the bead, the harder it is for me to make.

I have other groups I will list soon:  

  • Another batch in softer, more natural colors of variegated beige and white, yellow, and a pastel blue.   (Ready to go in the oven!)  I want to thank all who responded to my question in the Facebook Creative Bead Chat group regarding whether it was a necessity to seal polymer clay.  I was assured it was not.  I love the natural look of these!

  • I actually made this next set first.  They are painted with metallic paints and sealed for a raku look.   (These get baked again, so they require more time, all the way around, but I love the look.)

I have some pendants in similar colors and
finishes to list with these also!

I'm looking forward to getting more of these listed, along with the coordinating components, and I hope you are as excited as using them!    I will appreciate it if you help me spread the word about these!  

I will gladly consider requests for special orders, as well as any constructive suggestions you care to offer here!  For instance, I'd be very eager to hear:
  • Which colors do you like best here or which would you like to see offered?
  • There have been recent discussions about how people prefer to buy their lampwork beads.  I'm wonder the same about these.   Would you prefer larger groups, smaller sets, pairs?   Same size vs. various sizes?   Colors all the same or colors different in a set?

Thanks, as always, for being here, and sharing your ideas and comments for us all to learn from! 

A warm welcome to our newest members!   Now, let Spring begin!  




Carole M. said...

Hi Sharyl! They certainly look funky!! While I love colour impact, I kind of favoured that soft blue, and the yellow - I could just see that sitting over a black top and looking super. Good to see you're still creating with colour, it looks to be lots of fun

Kim H. said...

Great job on these, love the shape! The colors are amazing!

KayzKreationz said...

These are adorable. I especially love the lime ones. Seems to be my color right now.

Unknown said...

You did a great job on these! Love that bright, happy lime color! I think with all the organic styles that everyone is creating at the moment, these will sell very well!

Shai Williams said...

I just love these! They would be great for lightening up spring designs.

Sharyl said...

Thanks to all for your comments and feedback! Sounds like lime green is a hit for this Spring! Good to know!

Sharyl said...

Thanks to you too, Carole! I like the pale blue (and the beige) a lot myself!