Sunday, March 23, 2014

Who Moved My Jewels? (A tale of cheese, bread, and a super sale)

Warning:     This post may make you a bit hungry!   ;-)

You may have heard of a book called "Who Moved My Cheese?" by Spenser Johnson.  Even if you haven't, once you've read the title, you've pretty much got the idea of that book. (Here is a summary if you haven't read it and want to know more about the mice-sized people who get all confused when their cheese is moved.)  

Anyway, I went to my local grocery store last week, the smaller of the two I frequent, which I like because I know just where everything is without having to look up and down every aisle for what I want.   Do you know what I mean?  Do you have one like this?  

Well, of course they had rearranged nearly every item in the store!  Forget about the cheese for a moment, think of BREAD!   The bread, which was always next to the bakery items (makes sense, right?)...the bread had been moved 1/2 way across the store next to the greeting cards.   Magazines had been put in the place of the bread.  (Um, what?  And why???) 

Like most folks, I really hate it when things get moved all around, unless it's really for a good reason... or if I'm going to get something out of it!  :-)   So far, I haven't discovered the reason for the rearrangement or the benefits it serves me, so I'm just peeved.

You may be wondering, "This relates to me how?"   

Well, I've decided I have too many categories in my "Sharyl's Jewelry" Artfire store.   So many that I suspect people ignore some of them.    I also have too many items sitting there that need to go visit someone else's home!  :-)   So, I'm thinking, if I'm going to move things around, and get rid of sections of merchandise, the least I can do is make it a win/win situation for all.   (Really, it's the least I can do for "moving the cheese" or bread, or jewelry, as the case may be.)

So, here's the deal:

1.  I'm closing out my "HOPE" jewelry collection.  (I know, that's heartless.  My original intention was to use this section to raise money and awareness for people with rare disorders and other diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer's.   But I've only sold a couple of items out of this collection in 2 years.   I haven't given it the attention it deserves, I know, but I'm closing it down for now at least.)  After Tues, items will be moved into "Clearance" or other sections and the "HOPE" section removed.   

Use coupon code:  LASTCHANCE to get 50% off items remaining in this collection through Tues, 3/25/14.  (At this lower price, no donations are being forwarded from the sales of these items.   I will continue to make personal donations for such causes, of course.)

2.  I've also closed out a section I started not long ago,  "Mixed Metal and Polymer Clay."   (If I create something that has both, I'll put in one section or the other, based on my whim at the moment.   All items in this section have been moved into the "CLEARANCE SALE" section.)

3. Everything in the "CLEARANCE SALE" section is also 50% off through Tues. using the code:  LAST CHANCE.    In this section you will find:

  •  Items that were already there, marked down, now offered at 1/2 off the marked down price!   
  • New items just moved in from other sections
    (including...  a variety of metal components and polymer clay beads!)  For this sale, 1/2 off the original price!   (This is the first time I've included beads and components in the "Clearance  Sale" section.)
The 50% off only lasts through Tues and you need to use the coupon code:  LASTCHANCE at checkout to get this savings!    (Discount only good in "Hope" and "Clearance" sections.)

After Tues, this special deal ends.  Those items will remain in Clearance at reduced prices (but not 50% off)!  

I hope that finding these items at rock-bottom prices, some below cost, will help ease the pain of moving things all around.  I also hope you'll find some bargains to love and take home!       Win/win.

Best wishes to all,



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Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Sharyl,
I know how you feel about going into a place, that you are very familiar with, then being dumbfounded, because everything has been moved around.
Good luck with your sale.

Sharyl said...

Thank you, Therese! :-)