Monday, March 24, 2014

"Love My Art Jewelry" Asymmetry Bootcamp -- Blog Hop Reveal!

The "Love My Art Jewelry" group is hosting an "Asymmetry Bootcamp Blog Hop" this week. I had already begun this piece Saturday when I found out about it, but was anxious to share it here!  

An asymmetric glimpse of my asymmetric necklace! 

This necklace was literally years in the making.
Not that I stopped and started it, but I've been saving some of these beads for a special project for a very long time.

It was actually this new bead which got me started in the right direction.  It was an experimental flat lampwork bead I talked out of my friend, Mike Flint (    

The frit colors reminded me of some very cool beads my pal Kashmira Patel shared with me from India 1-2 years ago!  I had been saving and saving them for something special.  And finally, I was inspired to use them with this pale blue and rust-colored flat lampwork bead.

I decided not to do my usual symmetric design with these, but to place 3 in a row on one side, then use two together and 1 separately on the other side.  (How radical of me, right?!)  I just couldn't make up my mind about how to use the large wooden bead. As a focal hanging down?  As a bead on a chain?  

You may not believe the amount of time I spent playing around with these beads, adding and removing other beads, trying to decide whether to keep with my idea of using just Kashmira's beads with the rose-shaped aqua Czech glass or to add other beads too, to put on chain or string?

Slowly, but surely, a design did emerge...  I began by adding some similar wooden beads I had in various shapes, some with a hint of red.   Then I reached for some beads I've been hoarding from another good friend, Natalie Pappas of NKP Designs.

Beads by Natalie Pappas:   Top left, blue and tan flower beads.  Top right, Bluish-brown leaf bead.   Bottom left, red/blue dotted bead and another tan flower.  Bottom right, large chunky caramel bead used in focal.     (You'll also see Kashmira's large wood bead here.  This is part of the long, dangly focal.)

Although I ended up adding a lot more beads than originally planned, in a effort to keep a somewhat balanced look regarding size and color of beads, the 2 sides are not identical.  You see here, and in the photo below, I did use Kashmira's beads as originally planned!  (3 on one side, 2+1 on the other.)  Next time, I'll edge myself further out on the asymmetrical limb, I promise!  ;-)

Beads, minus the focal.

Another "asymmetric photo" angle!

The necklace is actually longer than this, so Kashmira's beads show in the front,
but in an effort to include the focal piece, 
I've adjusted the necklace so it's shorter.

You can finally see the long focal here,
which includes beads from Kashmira, Mike, and Natalie here.
In addition are a sterling plated over 
white bronze "Light of India" clasp 
used as a bail from Lily's Offering and 
rustic patina on copper Greek beads from MayaHoney.

I added a bit of chain and a handmade clasp in the back to make the length adjustable, and wa-la, the finished necklace!

My thanks to Kashmira, Mike, and Natalie for sharing their beautiful beads with me and making this creation possible!  I think I'll call this the "Friendship Necklace!"

And thanks to "Love My Art Jewelry" for hosting this blog hop!  You can see more asymmetric jewelry designs by clicking here!

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Artisan Beads Plus said...

Love it Sharyl! I would totally understand how long it took you and all the rearranging that you did! That is what I do! It came out great!!!!

Baking Beads in the Keys said...

Love the color combinations Sharyl and the choice of beads. Fantastic!

Natalie -- NKP Designs said...

That is a beautiful creation!!! Thanks for making my beads look incredible!

stacilouise said...

lOOKS GREAT! and the colors make it well balanced to boot!

Sharyl said...

Thank you, Natalie! Your beads make designing so easy for me! And thanks to you too, Staci Louise! That comment means the world coming from you! Thanks to all, you've made my day!

Anonymous said...

You certainly have some talented and generous friends to share so many lovely things with you. Love that focal bead! A beautiful piece of jewelry.

Sharyl said...

It's so true! And very, very kind! :-)