Sunday, March 16, 2014

"Clean-up, Fix-up" Wrap-up and Giveaway Winners!

See Sharyl juggle...

Go, Sharyl, go!  

You see what happens when I juggle?  And the next thing you know, balls are all over the ground!   ...Thank goodness I was more timely in getting the blog hop page posted 2 weeks ago than I have been about blogging since then!

I want to SINCERELY THANK all who participated in the "Clean-up, Fix-up Your Workspace Challenge and Blog Hop!"   I'm glad that the idea resonated with you and you took the time and effort to join in!    Thanks to those who cheered us on with comments too!   Every bit helped!  You saw those tidy, creative work spaces re-emerge, and hopefully all found some new, inspiring ideas!  

I promised give-aways of some of the goodies unearthed during my clean-up!   While tidying my tables, I unearthed single beads, packets of beads, components I had made, and more!   I've divided those into 3 groups and added ribbons and something made by a bead artist to make sure you each had something special in your packet.  

Everyone who posted for the blog hop was eligible for the random drawing.   The following 3 people have won a package:

Heidi Kingman
Helen Simon
Natalie Pappas

Please get back in touch with me by Friday to claim your prize.  You can just leave me a message here with your mailing address and I'll ship you your winnings.  I WON'T post your address on the blog!   I'll draw again if the prizes are not claimed.  

Below are photos of prizes, but I'm not telling which one goes to which person, so there's still an  element of surprise!  ;-)

I hope the winners will have fun with their bits of this and that!


Items will be packed in a small plastic storage container, so the beads don't scatter all over clean work spaces!  ;-)

Thank you again!   Best wishes to all!



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Ann Schroeder said...

Thanks again for the wonderful hop! I continue to be inspired by it.

Stepha said...

beautiful prizes!!

Islandgirl said...

Thanks for not drawing my name the last thing I need is more beads! :)
I'm still picking away at it....

Unknown said...

Oh, wow! I had forgotten there could be prizes. What a thrilling bonus!! Thank-you! (I'll PM you my address.)

Kristin Oppold said...

Have fun ladies!!!!

Pine Ridge Treasures said...

Nifty prizes, Sharyl!

Natalie -- NKP Designs said...

Woo Hoo! I'm so excited! I never win anything. Thank you SO much!!! I will send you my addy via etsy.

Donna said...

It was loads of fun, thanks for hosting this hop!

Neena Shilvock said...

It was a load of fun, and I was so inspired that I went out and bought some new plastic boxes from Ikea - I have never been so organised - texture plates in one box, cutters in another etc - thanks a load

Sharyl said...

It's fun hearing your updates! I hope you will continue to share about your adventures in organizing, even when we move on to other topics!

All 3 prizes have been claimed! Thank you for the prompt responses with mailing addresses. It really makes things go smoothly!