Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Greetings, Robin!

I want to introduce and welcome Robin, our newest follower!  Robin has a blog I learned about though another follower, and it's just delightful!   Not limited to jewelry, it's called "The Handmade Revolution."

It covers everything from the values of handmade items to the goodness of fresh food grown and sold close to home.   I think any of us who make handmade jewelry can be grateful to have someone out there reminding the world of the good reasons to buy handmade products!    If this blog doesn't do the job, I'm not sure what will! 
Robin, I love the feel-good viewer appreciation statement on your page:   "If you are here, you are awesome."   And the design is so appealing too.    So in addition to thanking you for joining our small gathering, I'd like to thank you for raising awareness for what we do!     Robin also sells jewelry, scarves, and other items at www.bellaandbean.etsy.com.

As with all our followers and drop-in readers/visitors, I hope you'll feel free to comment on postings, ask questions, and join the conversation!    Welcome to you, and thanks again to all Followers!

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