Monday, July 4, 2011

Welcome, Followers!

I noticed July 1st, I was no longer just talking to myself...someone else was "out there!"   So I want to welcome our first official "Follower!"   I'm thrilled to have you here, and to see you've come so far to join the conversation! 

I took a look at your blog too...who could resist!   What beautiful and unique jewelry.   You obviously have talent and knowledge I could learn from, so I hope you'll share comments!   Your photography is wonderful too, so tips on taking interesting photos of jewelry would certainly be welcome also! Greetings and thank you for joining!  --Sharyl

Before I got this posted, we gained a second follower, another gifted jewelry artist and photographer!   I'm so excited to have such talented people with us!   To anyone else following, please check out their blogs as well!   

Thank you for the comment found at the bottom of the July 2 entry! Great ideas for photo backgrounds for jewelry!   --Sharyl  

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