Friday, July 29, 2011

"Pretty in black"

The "LBD," (little black dress), is a classic fashion staple.   I used to own one...or two... back in the days when I needed to do a bit of dressing up.   But mostly, I've enjoyed the color black in other ways, in my early twenties--long black skirts with black or white shirts (think Victorian or prairie style).   Later, it became a quick work favorite--mix and match anything and everything with a black skirt or pair of slacks, throw on a jacket, and ready to go!   Now that I work from home, it's often a black top or sweater over a pair of jeans.   Very simple.   If I want to "dress up," I put on black shoes or boots and a black belt and figure I'm really good to go!  

Black jewelry also makes a nice accessory and goes with all sorts of colors, from more black, to gray, white, and many bright and bold colors!   It can be "classy" or "sassy and fun!"   So here's to the color black!
Black with a bit of silver.

Black with a bit of color.

Culturally-inspired designs utilizing black. 

I find black can "stir things up" and make a statement or it can be calming and relaxing depending on the piece and how it is designed.   It can be subtle or call attention to itself.   There's a black for every outfit, occasion, and mood! 

Whatever your choice, you can look "pretty in black," look "cool in black," or "make a fashion statement."   Hope you enjoy a bit of black today!  --Sharyl


P.S.  Please take note of the new page on the menu regarding the Fall-Preview Sale.   Even if you are not a retailer, there is a slide show of my newest fall jewelry there if you would like to take a look!   Thanks!

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