Saturday, July 2, 2011

Jewelry for July 4th...and other days

   From my house to yours,... 
Happy Independence Day!

We're not celebrating the July 4th holiday weekend in a big way at our house this year.   My other job is one where I work most holidays.   If we go "all out," we'll garden a bit and my husband will grill some burgers, (make mine a veggie burger, please)!     

But in honor of the holiday, I thought I'd bring out a few designs that remind me of this holiday, just to put us in the spirit of things!   Everyone is different about this, but when I design things (or purchase things) for holidays, I prefer it if they can be worn (or used) on more than one occasion.   I like to be "festive," but not have to store something all year to bring out only once.
Because of this, I tend to go for color schemes rather than patterns that scream out a particular holiday, or I layer on bracelets in colors that work together for that particular holiday.   Instead of wearing a red, white, and blue beaded bracelet, I'm more likely to put on a bracelet that's blue paired with one with predominantly red colors.   Sometimes I wear one, sometimes I pile on 5 or 6!                                                                                                To the left are earrings, each made of 3 off-white hoops linked together by wire.  The wire "joints" between sections make the earrings dangle loosely rather than remain one stiff piece.  The color makes them easy to pair with red and/or blue for the 4th, but good for every other day of the year too!  
Below are a few items from my collection one might want to wear for July 4th...or other occasions too!  Hope you enjoy!  

Twisted wire bangle bracelet in shades of blue, clear crystal, and 
white freshwater pearls.

All-red beaded bracelet with hand-crafted wire clasp


     Pendants in shades of navy, blue, and red, with scrolled wire designs.


 Earrings featuring glass beads in red, yellow, and navy (left) and navy blown-glass beads with red accent beads and wire scroll work (right).

Whether you are making, wearing, or reading about jewelry this weekend, I wish you, your families, friends, and communities, a happy and peaceful Independence Day 2011!



Terry Jane England said...

HI, nice jewelry. Best of luck. Nice photos too. We use old slate as background or cloth. See you on the blog.

Sharyl said...

Terry-- Thanks for the tip! And thanks for joining! Nice to have followers!

P.S. For others reading this, Terry is responding to a question I asked on Terra Mater Jewelry about what was used as background for the jewelry photographs. They look unique and stunning! You'll want to check that out as well!