Friday, July 8, 2011

Inspiration: My garden flowers

I've always enjoyed taking photographs of nature, whether a formal flower garden, a wild flower or stream, fall leaves, green plants, the ocean, pebbles or mountains.   In addition to enjoying the beauty of nature for itself, and the pleasure of capturing an image for a moment in time, lately I've been reflecting on the connections between those nature images and the jewelry I create.   

From time to time, among our other topics of discussion, I'd like to share with you some sources of inspiration to me--in this case, some favorite flowers from my home garden and a few pieces of jewelry.  I can't say that in any of these cases, I looked at the flower and immediately went into the house and created the piece of jewelry.   However, I do see connections between the them.  And certainly, when I look at these images now, I realize why I enjoy jewelry-making, gardening, and photographing flowers so much!   Hopefully you will find something pleasing here as well.   

Peony in bloom. 
 These bushes have been passed down 
from generation-to-generation on my mother's side of the family.  
I feel honored to have them in my gardens at home.

Wire-wrapped smooth rose quartz crystal pendant.


Purple iris, a gift from a dear aunt's garden to mine.   
Pendant with 2 layers of rectangular glass beads, 
one purple, one silver, 
fastened with wire in zagged pattern.

We have hydrangeas in several colors, but this blue one is my favorite.

Glass, crystal, and metal beads, freshwater pearls, 
with lots and lots of wound wire in various gauges 
create a lacy blue and silver bangle bracelet 
that's soft-looking yet 
shines and sparkles.

Please visit Sharyl's Jewelry to see more jewelry designs.

All jewelry and photographs by Sharyl McMillian-Nelson © July 2011.


Александр Колыгин said...

this is a wonderful bracelet!
combination of saturated and deep blue with a delicate mother-of-very well!

Sharyl said...

Thank you, Alexander!