Saturday, May 19, 2012

i heart macro: My Mother's Day Flowers

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There is a joke in our family about me.   I was born 6 weeks early...  and that's the last time I've been early or on time for anything.   :-)    It's not always true, but I suppose there's a spark of truth in there or it wouldn't get repeated!  

Sometimes it's just plain old procrastination for a task I don't want to do or I'm stressed out about doing or I can't seem to figure out... like filing my state retail sales tax.   But "congratulations to me!"... I finally got that accomplished this week, paid my 15 cent late fee and my 3 cents interest fee, and was finally able to say good-bye to months of worry!   What a good feeling!   Whew!

Other times, there is just "too much to squeeze in!"   Such was the case with my macro shots lately!   Last week I wanted to post my rose photos from my walk in the garden with Pixiloo (Tanya) and the Kiddo!  What a nice time we had, and I wanted to celebrate that by sharing the photos!

So this week, I'm just getting around to Mother's Day!   :-)   Well the flowers are still standing tall in their vase, so I guess I'm not stretching things too far!

#6:  Mum's Day

Hope everyone had a good "week after Mother's Day!"  :-)

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KristiBowmanDesign said...

Beautiful flowers, they look amazing close up!

Annette said...

Very pretty flowers! I love that last shot! I am a terrible procrastinator. I'm usually on time but I do wait til the absolute last minute to get going!

Gemma Wiseman said...

Wonderful detail of these gorgeous flowers! Especially love the soft romance of the last pink one!