Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Wearable Wire Art of Louise Goodchild Designs

One look at the Facebook banner, and you know you've stepped into a unique new world.  ...A world created unlike any other.  Art painted with twisted color wire and very tiny beads.  By all means, click that link.   Then go ahead and "Like" the page while you are there, because trust me, you are going to like it.. or love it... or REALLY love it.   (Those are the 3 choices!  Facebook should offer all 3.)

Welcome to the world of  Louise Goodchild Designs!    And if you ever can take your eyes off the banner, there's way more to see on  the Louise Goodchild shop on Etsy!   Just look at these...  

                wire-worked and beaded if desired

I love "Tree of Life" symbols and these are some of the loveliest I've seen!   But I also enjoy the image of this along with a tree...

                Lazy Days pendant

And as I'm preparing this, I've just returned to her Facebook page to see that a similar design just won Louise first place in the wirework category of Beads & Beyond Magazine Jewellery Maker of the Year!   I guess that confirms what I was thinking-- Louise has got super-talent!  Please click here to see the winning entry!

Well, I don't know how Louise took that news, but it was nearly too much for me. I'm going to stop and smell some flowers for a moment!

           All Because of the Ladybird...             


But it's not all about trees and flowers. Her wearable art takes many forms:

               In The Shallows wire and bead 

               underwater coral reef scene pendant

Fish, and an octopus and lily pads...

And land-animals too, such as this one  

            Watching The World Go By 

        wire wrapped cat pendant decoration ornament 

            with cherry blossom

If you can't get enough, Louise also has a separate website, with more unique jewelry listings!  

(I confess, I'm mighty partial to this one:

Rivulet (NECK111)

Now, if you love Louise's work like I do, you will want to visit her blog as well!   She's hosting a give-away of one of her pendants!  It will involve a visit to her blog and her FB page, but it's very easy, just leave her a message or two.   I'd say her demands are few for a chance to win such a great gift!

Please join me in congratulating her on her recently-announced achievement!   

My thanks to Louise for letting me use her photographs to show to you in this post!    

Sharyl ~ Sharyl's Jewelry

P.S.  Please note that many Etsy shops will not be available Thursday, May 10th in silent protest.  If you encounter this, please try again Friday.  Some have asked that you hold-off making purchases through Etsy on Thursday as a way of supporting hand-made products and the artisans who create them.


Louise said...

Gosh, I'm so touched, Sharyl - thank you for such a lovely feature! (Blushing now.) :)

Sharyl said...

I meant every word--I'm in complete admiration of your work! So happy I could share it with others! Thanks again, Louise!

Krista said...

Those trees are so beautiful! Thanks for letting us know about another great artist!

Anonymous said...

I loved reading this article - Lousie is such a talented wire artist that she deserves recognition :D

Carole M. said...

I love those tree-of-life pendants!