Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Waiting for 75... We did it!

Update:   Wo-hoo!  We did it!  Thank you, Kay, for helping us hit 75 members on our blog!   And thanks for members 1-74 too!   The very same thanks to our "Sharyl's Jewelry" Facebook Friends!  Details on the give-away to follow soon, so stay tuned!

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... P.S.  While you are waiting for details on MY give-away, dash  on over to the one on Pine Ridge Treasures!  She's having one of her own!

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I noticed....just out of the corner of my eye...that we hit 75 recently on the Sharyl's Jewelry Facebook page, then  casually, without a peep, moved on to 76.

Meanwhile, we've been edging forward on blog numbers too.  Currently at 74.   Not since Facebook numbers overtook blog statistics several months ago have they been so close again as now.  I'm unsure if Facebook slowed, or the blog accelerated, but either way, I'm happy to have so many people following along now.   Seems like only yesterday I was writing these blog entries and wondering if anybody would ever read them!

When we get to 75 on the blog too, we'll have a jewelry give-away and a little boost to get us started on our next 25!   I hope you'll join us for that!   It's my way of saying "Thank you!" 

P.S.  Also, please be sure to tune in Monday May 21st for the long-awaited "Sharyl's Bead Packet Design Challenge" Blog Hop!  More details to follow!

Thanks so much for being a part of 
"Sharyl's Jewelry!"   ~  Sharyl

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Pine Ridge Treasures said...

Great news, Sharyl! I think your blog numbers are going up because your blog is fun to read. You really have been having interesting features on various artisans, and the humor you inject into your posts is a treat. Looking forward to all the upcoming events. I hope my big gioveaway on my blog will get a few more entries - not very many so far. Maybe my prizes aren't exciting?

Sharyl said...

Oh, I bet they are! Let's spread the word! Everyone loves a give-away! :-)

Sharyl said...

Went to have a look--I remember now! Loved them all! I only didn't enter because I had won a prize from you before! I'll add to this post!