Thursday, March 28, 2013

Business Card Help Request and a Give-Away!

Before my jewelry blog seems to turn into a weather site, I thought I had better post a new entry on the topic of JEWELRY.   The topic on my mind today though has more to do with the jewelry business.... which counts too, I think!     

It's really more of a question than an answer, so as you might guess, I'm hoping you will share some suggestions with me again!  

Like most of you, I like to have BUSINESS CARDS on hand to send out with orders, give to people I talk to about my business face-to-face, etc.  I've tried a variety of designs and ways of creating them.    

Typically I've had designs that matched my logo (2011) or banner (2012).  This year (2013), I just been experimenting with designs on my blog and cards so nothing quite matches  and they change every now and then, but I'm getting a feel for what I like.   Anyway, ....

MY BIG PLAN for later this year is to do some rebranding of my business and at that time, I would come up with a new logo, banners, and business cards that coordinate and I plan to have the cards professionally printed.   Until then, I'd rather not end up with hundreds of cards with a temporary design.   

Sounds easy, right?   Here are a couple of things complicating  my situation:

1) I've had several designs in the past but all on a computer that crashed.   

2) I've tried using Word templates, Avery templates, and others, but they are either so limited they won't do what I want, I can't figure out how to make them do what I want, or I can't find them to reuse a second time if I do like them. 

3) I used to have a nice, inexpensive, easy-to-use, flexible CD-ROM product I bought at an office store for $9.99 that worked like a dream.   I would love to have something similar  for $10-25 dollars, and was looking online last night, but none seem to work on the Windows 8 platform yet.  (Maybe you know, if they were made for Windows Vista or XP, will they run on Windows 8?   If not, have you heard of any that will work on Windows 8?)   

4) I looked through a lot of pages of supposedly "free templates," "free software," and "free downloads" online last night, but they were free to use the templates then you ordered your cards to be printed through a company.   Again, not what I want for now, but will later.

SO, I'm wondering .....

A)  Do you have any SUGGESTIONS in terms of getting cards made quick and easy and inexpensively?


B)  There are so many services I see for making cards professionally later when I am ready.   Which have you tried and liked or disliked?  And why?   (Some I've seen are:,,,; although the last one may be more for designing business logos than cards.)   

Also, I think that Etsy sometimes offers special deals on business cards.   I'm not currently selling on Etsy, only Artfire.  I haven't heard they offer any special rates on cards.  If you know otherwise, would love to hear that too!  

Thanks to you all for your helpful input!   Seems like a little thing but I've spent hours on this lately and made very little progress.  

  I would love to tackle this problem in the next couple of days if at all possible, perhaps a week is more realistic.

As a small token of my thanks for your help, make a helpful suggestion and I'll put your name into a drawing to win a small give-away bag of destash beads and an assortment of my metal components!  

Please leave me a way to contact you. If you don't want your info posted, please say so or send a separate message with  your contact info. 

So many thanks!




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Unknown said...

Since I'm currently in the market for cards too, I'm eagerly anticipating the answers you receive on this question! :)

Carole M. said...

Sharyl those itty-bitzy computer things really do our heads in don't they? Hope someone can direct you where it works for you. All good wishes.....

aneri_masi said...

I got lucky with this in I work for a company that makes business cards and get them through them.

Let me know if you like anything, I can try to get some for you in the next round.

Other than that, I have heard a lot of folks raving about moo cards.

I'll try and think of ways you can make your back later

Laren at Laren Dee Designs said...

Sharyl, I believe Vistaprint might offer the least cost in printing business cards. I have used them for many years for all kinds of business items: business cards, invitations, oversized postcards, business peechees for seminars, flyers.

I'd opt for Vistaprint because you can spend a small amount and then throw away when you change to a final design. (I have thrown cards away when they no longer serve the purpose.)

I use and love for the half-sized business cards and tuck them inside each gift box. They are thicker paper and nicer than typical sized business card, but you will definitely spend more money there. Hope this helps.
-Laren :)

Sharyl said...

So glad to hear from each of you! Nice to know this will benefit others too!

I'm happy for this comparative information especially and the first-hand experience that you, Laren and Kashmira, are able to offer!

I already feel like I'm way ahead of what I was, but welcome others to comment too! Thanks again you all!


baymoondesign said...

I have used Visaprint and Moo. Visaprint is really a good deal. You can get great cards free for the cost of shipping.

I love Moo cards. I was able to get a price break because I have an Etsy shop.

You need to decide what your budget is. Personally I am too cheap to pay full price for Moo even though I adore them so I would go with Visaprint.

I hope this is helpful!

Sharyl said...

Thanks so much, Kathy! Happy to have yet another voice in the mix! I'll put your name in the drawing! --Sharyl

Tammie T Everly said...

Not sure if this is an answer you'd be interested in as a temporary solution, but perhaps you could use those 'print on your pc' cards from Avery to just print your info, then instead of their images just do a cute rubber stamped design or this rainbow technique I've seen on pinterest
[ ]
Then you could just make 20 or so at a time until you get your designs/logos etc. settled... Just a thought.
I am on my 3rd card design and will probably change before the year is done. I'm working with a friend who is a graphic designer to come up with my new 'brand'.. Keep us posted Sharyl and GOOD LUCK!

Sharyl said...

Thanks, Tammie! These are real "think-outside-the-box" ideas I wasn't exploring! I'll be sure to explore these options too! --Sharyl