Sunday, March 24, 2013

i heart macro: Happy Spring in the Land of Uh-oh!

Sometimes they call Kansas the "Land of Oz."   Occasionally, they call it the "Land of Ahhs."  (That would be promotional bumper-sticker material!)    The last few years, a better name would be the "Land of Uh-Oh!"    

In the past year we have had a 

  • very mild winter, 
  • a very long spring,
  •  a drought-filled summer, 
  • a second spring,
  •  a drought-filled Fall,
  •  a mild winter, 
  • then unexpectedly, (after the groundhog predicted an early Spring), winter ended with 2 blizzards 
  • and Spring has started with another one!  

(This is what Spring is SUPPOSED  to look like!)

And here is my "Happy Spring in the Land of Uh-Oh" Edition!   :-)

Spring arrives in Kansas City!  Oh the joy of it!
This is almost as good as a privacy fence!

(I know I should have edited the dark mark on  the right side of the photo,
most likely a window sill,
but this sort of reminds me of a Japanese wood cutting
and I would lose that impression if I removed that area!  ha!)

Bit of a tree limb magnified.

The neighbor's lilac bush.

The pagoda for the "Japanese Garden" on the side of the house....
for the vining flowers...

#15:  "Icy Puzzle"
Tree in our back yard.
This one reminds me of a puzzle or perhaps stained glass!

View from our front yard looking down the street.

From inside the front window looking out--a closeup.

Thanks for visiting!   So glad to have you all back for "i heart macro!"

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One way or another, Happy Spring to you!  


P.S.   Some sad news:

This will be the last week for "i heart macro" which has been hosted by Lori Plyler of "Studio Waterstone since April 10, 2011.  

I wanted to include part of a note of gratitude I left for Lori so that you will know what being involved in this activity has meant to me:

"Like everyone else involved, I'm so sorry to see "i heart macro" end. I joined about a year ago, hoping to improve the macro photography skills needed for my handmade jewelry business. There was nothing classroom-like going on here, just complete fun, lots of practice, and weekly doses of bravery until it felt natural. Though a beginner, I was welcomed into a community of some extremely talented photographers from around the world and gained some very special friends! 

I can completely understand your need to do something different though. We all come to that point if we are growing. So I thank you with all my heart and wish you the very best! You have given me and many others such a gift of your time and talent!" 

The GOOD news is that Lori will be continuing with many other artistic endeavors, and you can still find her at Studio Waterstone!      And there's still time to link up to this week's "i heart macro!"   Beautiful Spring photos abound there this week!     Let's give her a great send-off and add more! 

Photo Credits:


Spring Cartoon:

Snow Photographs:  Sharyl McMillian-Nelson, March 23-24, 2013



Pine Ridge Treasures said...

As always, nice pictures, Sharyl! Just wish for your sake they could have been of robins and ducklings instead of a blizzard.

Jama said...

Gorgeous photos of the snow!

Laren at Laren Dee Designs said...

Oh, shoot, Sharyl!! Cannot believe this is spring in Kansas. I'm at a loss for words!


Leovi said...

Wonderful photos, I love with all that snow, wonderful! Excellent photos!

namaki said...

hello Sharyl !
First thanks a lot for your nice comment on my blog and now let me explain what the header photo is all about. I went to visit the White Desert in Egypt and we camped out since it rains once in fifteen years there ... this is a photo of our camp: 3 walls of fabric against a pick-up ... It was a very exciting trip and you'll see the photos under the label 'Egypt'. Have a good week !

Molly said...

Looks just like spring in England, we are currently covered in a large white blanket too


LisaS said...

Brrrrrr! It is beautiful though ;)

Hey! Be sure to stop by blog, I am having a necklace give away...

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos. We still have a lot of snow too and I'm getting so tired of it.

Alice said...

Sharyl, we left early Saturday mormning to move our oldest daughter to N. Carolina (a sad day). We left before the storm hit, but it followed us out. We also drove home in some snow, and were welcomed home with snow. To say I'm ready for the REAL spring to arrive is an understatement.

Love your photos!!

Sharyl said...

Thanks to you all for your wonderful comments! I'll add just a couple of notes below, but know I delight in reading each and every one of yours!

To Lisa, I couldn't agree more! I did get a nice bird photo the other day. I'll have to share that some time soon!

Namaki, thank you for taking the time to reply to my question on your blog! I will for sure come take a look at your photos from this trip!!!

Molly, I've been surprised to learn how alike our weather is in the US and UK...from what I've been learning online this past year or two! What fun to learn about different parts of the world! And as we prepare for Spring, some of our friends will be getting ready for Fall!

Alice, we must make you an "honorary Kansan!" What a time you had with the snow...and driving through it is even LESS fun! Glad you are back home safe and sound. Hope your daughter enjoys NC and WE get to enjoy a REAL Spring now! :-)

May happy days be ahead for all!