Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Spring 2013!

Altered brass sun pendant.  I've made some in several colors!

I think we can finally say "Happy Spring" 
from our little part of the world!  
It's just lovely this morning
 and snow from last week is finally gone from our yard.

I'm making an effort to bring a bit of Spring indoors with Spring colors, metal component designs, and flowers.
Going to share just a few photos with you now!

 African Violets on my table....

Altered brass pansy components.  
Perfect for a bracelet, necklace or earrings! 

Grocery store daffodils.  
 I can never pass up a chance at happiness
when it comes for a price as low as $1.99!   

Hope you have a lovely weekend!


P.S.  None of the components shown here are listed in my Artfire store as of this posting.  This is just a sneak preview!   Other Spring things are appearing there though, with lots more to come!   


Pine Ridge Treasures said...

Happy Spring to you too, Sharyl!

Tanya said...

Your components are gorgeous, as always. I love those pansies. If they are not spoken for, can you reserve a pair for me?

Sharyl said...

Thank you both!

Yes, Tanya, I'll be happy to see a pair aside. I'll email you for further details. Thanks!