Sunday, March 3, 2013

i heart macro: White-on-White

For more than a week, I popped on Facebook and my blog only long enough to whine about the snow we were having here!   You may have caught some of those messages.  First we got about 10-12 inches last week Thursday, a bit more over the weekend, then another 10-12 inches on this past Monday, and few more inches during the week.   I'm sure the Northerner's find me a wimp, but it's one of the biggest snow storms I remember in my ?? years living here!   And certainly the most snow I've shoveled in a week's time!

Cleaning off the driveway!   There's a bit of concrete!

A path to nowhere...

So how could I resist more snow photos for "i heart macro" this week?!    Well, I couldn't.   

Would you like to sit down on the compfy deck furniture 
and watch our backyard friends play?
(To think I emptied it of this much snow just a couple days before!)

How many of you know what this is? 

For all you trackers!  Here's another set to guess at!

Took a BUNCH of squirrel photos, but I'll limit to just one.

#7 - "Snow Bird"
Oh wait, that's our neighbor's back yard!

Now THIS ONE is ours!

And a few more snowy, icy shots!
 These are not my typical macros.   I played with the macro, zoom, and light settings to try to get the hang of taking photos of white snow against a white or gray sky!   Focusing on a blob of snow seems a bit challenging for me, actually!  

Hope you enjoyed photos from the Midwest Snow Storm 2013.  All this snow and ice is pretty, but it's also a lot of work! Here's hoping this following week includes a big melt-down! 

Stay safe and well and warm!


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Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

The snow sure is pretty. I like your first and last photos especially. You seem to have had more than your share of snow, just as we have had more than our share of rain. Hoping you have some pleasant weather this week.

baymoondesign said...

Gorgeous photos! Good luck digging out!

Carol D. said...

I am so ready for spring and I heard this morning that we may get a snowstorm about Wednesday in Virginia! Enough already. Hope you did out soon.

Unknown said...

Beautiful! I love the icicles. We got a lot of new snow last night too and I'm getting tired of it. I'm so ready for it all to melt!

Karen said...

Lovely winter photos! I'd say that's a squirrels nest and rabbit tracks.

Natalie -- NKP Designs said...

I love your sharing your blizzard of 2013 with us -- fantastic photos! What inspiration! Thank you!

Susanne/Sinead said...

Oh my goodness, so much snow!!!! I'm glad we don't have that much, I really want spring now! Snow makes very nice photos though.

Sharyl said...

Karen, you are absolutely right about the first one. It's indeed a squirrel's nest! I have no idea about the second; you you are likely correct with that one too. We do have a lot of rabbits around also!

Sharyl said...

Thanks to all! Glad you enjoyed the photos this week!