Sunday, March 17, 2013

I heart macro: My Celtic Celebration

For those of you who celebrate,
Happy Saint Patrick's Day!  

A stained glass window piece that hangs year-round at my house.

For too many reasons to explain here, 
I've been "in and out" of love 
with St. Patrick's Day most of my life.
But while father's heritage was Irish 
and my mother's German, 
and that should make me 50/50,
I've always identified more strongly 
with the Irish-American side.
Perhaps it's the influence 
of carrying an Irish name,
or that I have mostly lived in areas 
where Irish-Americans were plentiful 
and proud of their heritage.
I certainly grew up in a family of story-tellers,
joke-makers, song-singers,
and people who could make the hardest of times merry
 with laughter.

And so, whatever my feelings about St. Patrick's Day,
we celebrate our "Irishness"
in some way each year on March 17.
Not typically in loud ways with parades or parties,

but maybe with wearing a bit of green 
to avoid getting pinched,
or a couple of green tinted carnations on the table.

I can also say that ancient Celtic designs have caught my attention for as long as I can remember.

This is a little handmade pottery box with lid 
I bought from a shop in Weston, MO,
 a great little community for artists.  
 I love the box and the surprise inside too!

Rings I'm currently wearing...   
My gold wedding band, and two handmade sterling silver bands, one with a Celtic design.  
I've had them all for many years, 
but enjoy mixing-and-matching
what I wear with my wedding ring, 
each having a different look
 and holding different memories.

And finally, 
(and not just as a "commercial,")
I couldn't help showing you how
my heritage inspires my jewelry making.
These are my most recent designs:

A sincere thank you to the handmade bead-makers who inspire me so much!
Top Section:  Chinook Designs, Marti Conrad, Sharleen Newland, Natalie Pappas, Paul Beads.
For links to their store, please see the previous blog.

Artisans shown below:  Chinook Designs: Jody Brimhall, Serena Designs, Starry Road Studios, Marti's Beads-n-Buttons.

In my world,
Celtic isn't just for one day,
it's for year round!

Enjoy the celebration!  

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Oops, no
i Heart Macro
to connect to this week!  :-(
Hopefully again next week!  

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Pine Ridge Treasures said...

Great post, Sharyl. Love your silver celtic ring, and your celtic jewelry in the shop!

Alicia said...

Beautiful jewelry - as usual :) And a lovely story to go with it: Happy St. Pattrick's Day! Hope you have a fun one!

Unknown said...

I so loved this post. I especially loved the way you described us Irish! So true what you said, "people who could make the hardest of times merry with laughter." - as I sit her crying!
I want that Celtic box it is so wonderful as is your JEWELRY! Makes me wonder if I could come up with something special for you to use next year, I will have to work on that!
Belated Happy St Patrick's Day and Merry Celtic to you too friend.
~ Shelley

Laren of Laren Dee Designs said...

I just realized that I posted my comments for this blog at the end of your Wearing Green jewelry blog. It was meant for here!!

Beautiful story, Sharyl, another layer of who you are revealed to us in a lovely way. Love your jewelry pieces, always a joy to see the "new".

Love, Laren :)

Tracee Dock - The Classic Bead said...

I went to Westin with a friend for the first time a month or so back! We had a really nice day. The Irish shop was my favorite!