Thursday, March 21, 2013

Oh, wa-hoo!

As you can see, I'm pretty excited!   The March/April 2013 issue of Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry Magazine is out and while I knew some of my components were going to appear in it,...well, I'm just extra-hyped all over again!   Perhaps at some point this becomes less of a big deal, (really?) but since this is just my 2nd jewelry publication, I'm excited.   My thanks to Denise Peck, Editor-in-Chief!

And I'm extra-excited when I see the names of those appearing in this Artisan Showcase of Components!     People I now "know" through their publications, blogs, Facebook pages, discussions on Creative Bead Chat, and participation on Artisan Whimsy!   Stores I buy beads from!  People I converse with!   (And the few I didn't know well, I immediately set out to meet and explore what they make!)  

Below is the list with links to their stores:

Now all this got me to thinking, "EEKS!   I should be adding new components to the store!"  So I got busy  working on those.   Of course they can't be made in a day.  The layers of patina and sealant require drying time.   But I'll give you a  "sneak peak" of one of the batches of work in progress and a few new designs on the way for spring!  

Coming soon to Sharyl's Jewelry 
in the following sections:

Many more new raw brass designs have just arrived awaiting to be transformed and an order of copper sheet metal I've been long-awaiting should arrive tomorrow!  So there will be more original components too!   (And a special someone has a special order I'll get busy on then too!)

Hope you all enjoy visiting and shopping for new beads and components!    

Happy Spring!


P.S.  The beads and components are terrific and so are the photographs and layout!   (Thanks to the contributors and the Interweave publishers and editors!)
Graphics Credits:

Excited girl:

Component photo by Sharyl, 3/13


Pine Ridge Treasures said...

So glad you are getting the recognition you deserve, Sharyl!

Unknown said...

aWW Congratulations (again!!) Sharyl. So happy for you! Don't ever forget how you feel today because as you say there will probably be more publications in your future! I say frame them all and put up in your studio! CONGRATS!!!

Alicia said...

Congratulations, Sharyl! This is well deserved and I was very happy to recognize many of the artisans showcased - including you (to be honest, I recognized your components first and then I carefully checked all 3 pages :) )

Tammie T Everly said...

Well deserved recognition Sharyl, your work is lovely. I was so excited to see you and so many CBC friends in Step by Step Wire jewelry this month. Great job! :-D

Tracee Dock - The Classic Bead said...

Congratulations! Hard work pays off and always nice to have fun and meet new people along the way!

Unknown said...

I'm so very thrilled for you! I don't have that mag, but I'll head out to the bookstore this weekend and pick it up. And it's really cool to see how many of those names you listed that I knew! And, oh, oh, oh! Loving those new pieces!!!

AntiquityTravelers said...

congrats to you! and love the new pieces :)