Saturday, October 8, 2011

"The Bead Show" -- Brought to you by Sharyl's Mini-Etsy Shopping Spree!

During the Challenge discussion, I started looking at the Etsy shops of those contributing to our discussion.  (How's that for an incentive to comment!)    I bought what I loved and could afford, then started browsing/scouring Etsy shops in earnest.  (I loved more than I could afford, of course!)

Wow!  Did I window shop!   I made lists of things to buy, then sorrowfully deleted most.  I put some of my hopefuls (really hope to buy in the near future) into my wish list.  And again, I bought a few.

I'll show you some samples of my purchases.  You'll see these integrated into my coming pieces of jewelry!   (Please note that all the names of Etsy shops are linked, in case you would like to shop too!)

My first Etsy purchase!   I bought 2 darling bird pendants,
which are ancient Chinese porcelain pottery shards,
and not only am I so enraptured by these charming pieces
that I'm unsure I can part with them,
 it suddenly set me to looking for "all things birds!"
The second piece is currently unavailable--
designed and wrapped up awaiting completion.
A nice gift piece was also sent!  (Really love those surprise gifts!)

Remember these beautiful little  

"Funky Rainbow Ribbon Beads for Pandora Style Bracelets"

from TracyBell?
Well, I don't have a Pandora bracelet, but I've been using them in other ways,
and spreading them out to make them last!  

I don't know how she creates such beauty in miniature!

"Kit and Caboodle Shop" --Gayle's Destash Beads 
Amonzonite Nuggets (I'll have to buy more when these run out!), 
 Freshwater Pearls, Ceramic Donut Beads,
and Oxidized Brass Bead Caps.  
I'm already using 2 of the 4.  I'm anxious to try out the others!

I found this shop in my many Etsy searches.  I really enjoy their things!
They remind me of some wonderful pieces of jewelry I purchased
during my university years.
I thought this was a beaut of a focal bead!

From the same shop, Lapis Lazuli focal bead and Tibetan glass beads.

These are pure perfection!
They also sent a nice packet of beads as a gift!  
There is an orange focal bead I'm already at work on!

Local stores  --Supplies, beads + copper caps

I went into a local craft store to find glass for an order of BEADED BOTTLES.
I don't usually go there because their bead selection is very slim,
but found these on a clearance rack--
and it was love at first sight!  
Without hesitation, I purchased the 2 strands they had!

Another craft-store buy, not thrilling, but these will make nice "filler."
I'm drawn to black wooden beads, and these were of a good size.
I also have some round ceramic beads that match the color of these flat ones.
I think they should complement some nice large gemstone focals in my collection.
Finally, from a really nice local bead store,
I found these copper beadcaps.
I've since seen a pair online, but I got the better price locally!

Beadaholic   --Items on order

Okay, second grouping here that's not an Etsy shop.  Not a lot of hand made. I feel a bit guilty, but unfortunately, I'm just starting out and can't afford all handmade all the time.  I try to make sure I'm buying good quality beads and metals though.  I'm trying to integrate handmade with other beads.  

Beadaholique allows me to stretch my budget.  They provide a source of affordable beads (gemstones, Czech glass druk beads, copper accent and spacer beads) in a wide variety of colors, textures, shapes, and sizes.  

In the past, I placed my order through Amazon.  Since I was unfamiliar with them in the beginning, it was a safe way to start.  But this time I went direct to their website.  There was a $5.00 coupon for signing up, which I collected from my email before I made my purchase.  Free shipping on purchases over $25--just like Amazon--I never seem to have a problem getting to that $25 minimum.   (Limiting myself to what I can afford to buy at the time, now there is my difficulty!)

So, now you see how I've made some changes in shopping routines.  I'm still hoping to make purchases of:

  • handmade lampwork beads, 
  • pottery focals, 
  • torch-fired enamel beads, 
  • resin pendants,
  • and another pottery shard or two 
...that I have my eye on in Etsy shops!  Ah, next paycheck.  First, to make something beautiful with what I have here...   and learn more about setting up an Etsy shop of my own!

Sharyl's Jewelry

P.S.  Hope you enjoyed "The Bead Show!"  Next time we meet, another new piece of jewelry!   

Comments, Please!   

Reminder: Comments and honest, helpful critiques of jewelry, photography, and ideas expressed are most welcome and encouraged!  I hope to learn--and hope others will too--from your comments, suggestions, and questions!  Many thanks in advance for your contributions!

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Photo of beads from TracyBell by TracyBell.

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All other photos by Sharyl,  Oct 2011.


Lori Anderson said...

I love window shopping! It gets me in a lot of trouble. My Favorites list on Etsy is scary-long!

G.Dowell said...

I love your finds, Sharyl. I can't wait to see what you make with everything!

Beadbug said...

Thanks so much for show casing my little beads, I can't wait to see what wonderful goodies you make with them.


Sharyl said...

Thanks for all the comments!

I'll have a necklace coming up soon that incorporates beads from both of you, Gayle and Tracy! I hope you will like it!