Sunday, October 30, 2011

I heart macro: Fall flowers and leaves

studio waterstone

This is my first Sunday with "I heart Macro."  (Sort of like Week One and 1/2 for me.)    Late last week I managed to post this image (#47), but didn't get it hooked up to a page.   (Oh, newbies!)  So I'll put it up here so you can see the larger version.

"Hydrangea Heaven"

It's a blue hydrangea from my summer's garden taken earlier this year.  This week, I'll try to do things right!  

I have a set of Fall photos I took this week, and I'll post one to the list.   If I'm still misbehaving, someone just let me know and I'll try to get the rules straight!    Hopefully I'll get it all worked out after this week so next week I can put my elbows out, hands on hips and sigh at the next bunch, "Oh, those newbies!"  ;-)

This Sunday's Macros:   (Hope you "heart" them!)

You'll find this first photo at #24 on the "I heart macro" page.

"My Purple Mum"

Each Autumn, I buy a couple of chrysanthemums
and put in pots at the  front door.
When they start to brown, they get planted on the side of the house,
where they bloom again year-to-year.
This is a pinkish-purple one.

"The Yellow Mum"

Yellow-blossomed chrysanthemum from another year.

"Barely-there Leaves"

Flowering plum tree in our back yard,
only a few leaves remaining.

"Leaf on Curb"

Went for a walk.  Leaf laying on street curb.

"Stepping stone"

From my Japanese shade-garden in Autumn.
Once the trees go bare, the garden finally gets some southern light,
but this garden is made for the darkness of Summer shade
so everything rests until Spring comes again.

Thanks for visiting!   --Sharyl

Please click below to see more macro photography from others!

studio waterstone


T... said...

great photos Sharyl and nice to have your playing along with us....

Tracey Leeder said...

Great variety of shots. I love the purple chrysanthemum. Such a beautiful color.

Mellisa said...

Love those leaves...such pretty fall colors :)

Shel said...

These are all so gorgeous - truly they represent Fall/Autumn!! I am in love w/all the colors you captured!!

3Pearls said...

Wow! These are really beautiful. I just love hydrangeas and that last leaf picture is especially appealing. I left you an answer on my blog :)

Annette said...

Awesome photos! I love the red leaf on the curb!

Liz said...

Welcome to one of my favourite challenges of the week!
Wonderful macros!! I love the Hydrangea!

Carole M. said...

..enjoyed your lovely photographs Sharyl; especially the hydrangea. I grow them too but haven't seen this shade of blue before.