Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fresh Start Day! --Update

I pulled the curtains and look what's outside my window this morning!

I awoke one recent morning to dancing light on my curtains.  Each new moment brought flecks of light in different, unexpected places in the fabric.   I grabbed my camera and started snapping.  

The window is just above my desk and my jewelry often inches its way from my worktable on the left to the desk where my computer sits.  This morning was no different.  When I had closed the lid on my laptop the night before, I had put down a cloth, spread out some of the new beads I've been collecting, and started to work on two new pieces.  The light played and made merry there too.   It seemed like a happy "new beginning!"

As we've come to the end of our "Challenge" discussion, I've been thinking back to what we discussed before then.    Reviewing, I see an ongoing chat about the jewelry we were making, sources of inspiration, information on techniques, tools, events, and so on.   It's time to return to that line of discussion, but at the same time, I feel like there has been a big change--at least for me.   I feel more focused now.

Viewing all the wonderful creations from the "4th Bead Soup Blog Party," works from those who participated in our Challenge topic, jewelry made by those who have joined our blog and whose blogs I have joined, I feel a desire to advance my jewelry-making skills and move out of the "rut" I've been in concerning making pendants and bracelets.   

In order to improve the quality of the jewelry I'm making, and attempt to "grow my business" (as they say), I've been :

1) re-thinking materials, techniques, styles, and skills regarding jewelry-making.  

2) shopping differently.

3) working to improve my jewelry photography skills.   

4)  taking a serious look at my business-model and marketing strategy.

My, but there's a story to tell behind each of these already!    But there is much more to be learned too.   I'm hoping we can learn together, and share what we know.     I'm hoping we can continue the momentum we've gained and keep sharing ideas so this is  a forum for discussion.  It's what I envisioned from the start.

So you can see we have some work  (and more fun) ahead of us!   I also plan to have some give-away drawings too, so please stay tuned for those!  (If you don't mind decreasing your odds to win a bit, spread the word and tell a friend!)  

So, we'll be returning to the familiar, but with a whole new string of topics!  Next time, you'll see my first attempt to shake off old habits in jewelry-making!

Finally, I'll leave you with a photo of the sun going down in our back yard.  The other night I looked out the kitchen window, and the sun was stretched out in long filtered rays, with the tree at the center and the rays covering the entire yard.  It looked like the photographs appearing in inspirational calendars.  Once more, I ran for my camera!  By the time I got back down the hall, the spectacular view had dissipated, leaving only this ball of sunlight and few vertical  rays. My husband "called it" though.   The appearance was caused by smoke from a nearby leaf-burning fire.  The wind blew the smoke away, and thus the plans for my photo.   The light was beautiful, but too quick for me to catch... this time!  As you are probably learning about me though,...I'll keep trying!

Have a great day!   See you next time.


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