Thursday, October 20, 2011

Purple Necklace Complete! -- Updated

I've added a few updates in violet in the middle of this entry.  See area around outside photo.  Thanks!
It seems like so long ago... 

since I started wishing for these beads, the start of it all, the Purple Wine Red Cultured Stick Pearls

Then they arrived and I went to work creating the individual segments to the necklace I had planned, as well as the focal bead and part of the clasp. 

The focal piece is made of a large piece of amethyst I've been saving,
an oxidized bead cap, and bright copper wire.
I made both the bead and clasp from 16mm copper wire.

I originally planned to use just the stick pearls and the Czech glass round beads in purple, sticking with a consistent color theme, and highlighting with oblong bright copper beads.  But after making the "Grape Vine Earrings," I decided to add touches of green in this piece too. 

I ended up using a much wider variety of beads than I planned to in terms of:

  • color (various shades of purple and green),  
  • materials (glass, gemstones, types of metal, and the pearls), 
  • and bead shapes (round, oblong, cathedral, and so on).

One of several layouts I did while still in its "skeletal" stage.

I found creating the segment pieces was fun and easy.  What I couldn't figure out was how to link the pieces together.  I had planned on using bright copper jump rings, but things weren't working out for me there.  I spent days agonizing over this.  So I asked for input.

Then, in a fit of haste, I couldn't wait to even post my query and went shopping for inspiration.   I went looking for copper wire in a particular size I wanted, but alas, the store had sizes larger and smaller, but not what I wanted. So I looked for jump rings.   I didn't think they had the bright copper ones I wanted, but I combed the shelves.

What I found was a package of jump rings that contained  both oxidized copper and oxidized brass rings.  I finally resigned myself that I would take these home and try the antiqued copper, even though I had preferred not to mix the bright and antiqued copper on this piece.  

I also found some really cool chain that had open oblong links, with every 5th one or so a closed antiqued copper link.  I bought that too, thinking that between the two of these, I might be able to finish the necklace.

When I got home to my necklace with all the segments spread out, I opened the package of jump rings to try them out, and the most surprising thing happened!

While I didn't like the antique copper much (not a big surprise), I did like the antique brass!  It didn't match the bright copper at all, but complemented the green-toned beads!

Next, I took one of the large closed links and some of the small links from the chain and added it to the amethyst focal bead to add length (and bit a drama)!

I used another one of the large chain links as the closure for my clasp.

It's difficult to get the entire necklace into a photo, but here is my best attempt to give you an idea of the completed piece.

<Ugh, I know the lighting on this on is off!  
Just must get or make a lightbox/tent!  
Have several sets of directions for making 
and options for buying   
Anyone with advice on what works best 
at a reasonable price,
 please let me know!>  

Note: Adding this outdoor shot after original posting time:
Wanted an outdoor shot.
It was freezing cold out this morning,
but captured this
"Grapevine Necklace on Trellis."

I also took some shots of the necklace to show a closeup perspective of various sections.

Comments?  Suggestions?

  • Do you think the antiqued brass links were a good choice or would something else have been better?

  • What do you think of combining types of metal and metal finishes?
  • What are your thoughts on this necklace as a whole?  
  • Do you have any comments on the photography of this piece?

As always, I value your honest opinions!   It helps me to know what I did right and what I can do better!   Many thanks!

Before we close today, we have a new member to greet!

I'd like welcome Marie Cramp from Calgary Alberta Canada to our group!  Marie is  on the web in a number of places, and has some of the most unique, lovely jewelry you'll ever set eyes on!   Check out her Skye Jewels  Etsy Shop, blog, and website!  You are in for a treat!   

Marie was recently named the "Art Bead Scene Designer of the Week!"    Congratulations and welcome, Marie!  We are so glad you have joined us!



Green Shoot Jewellery Designs said...

I really like your design, I do like antiqued brass and the amethyst is beautiful. Gorgeous!
Deb x

T... said...

oh wow I love this design and the yummy colours....