Friday, October 21, 2011

Time for some New Color Inspiration!

Recently, a couple of things have encouraged me to design using colors that make me feel...well, a little uncomfortable.   

1) First, there was the October Monthly Challenge on Art Bead Scene.   One look at the colors (mauve, brown, beige,...) and I knew this wasn't for me.   Then, I started thinking again.   I looked at the picture, and at the color palette, and day after day, I thought about it.   

I don't plan to submit because I haven't followed all the guidelines, but it still has inspired me to create something--and in colors and a style I never would have dreamed.

A stone I made into a pendant but never really liked, 

...has been "dewired" and is becoming something new involving these pieces:

2) The next thing that got me to thinking was reading about how the color "mustard" is popular this Fall.  I've read about this on several blogs now.   My reaction?   Let's just say, I'm not real partial to mustard unless it's got a good amount of honey in it.   I thought about it and decided, "I'm not much into what's popular, and I have no intention of using a color I don't really like!" 

Then, began to think about the colors that are close to mustard that I do like--amber, softer yellows, coral,  and orange, for instance.  I started finding beads in shops and beads in my own containers that were close to mustard.  I saw grey with flecks of mustard.  I thought, I can do this.   I think I'd like to try this!   My mustard jewelry might not look like some other people's mustard might not "scream mustard," but that's okay.  There are a lot of kinds of mustard in the world!  (I have a lot of "started" pieces right now.  I still can't claim I've started the mustard piece yet, but I'm thinking about it!)

3) Anyway, all of this got me to wondering what other colors might be out there that I haven't been noticing, and what color combinations I might want to try.   I looked just around my room and found some interesting ones!  (If you are looking for some new "color inspiration," feel free to borrow!)

These first 3 are acrylic magnets from my bulletin board.
In this one, I liked the main color being cornflower blue, 

mixed with shades of pink, violet, & a dab of lime green.

This one has a bit of everything
--in terms of colors and patterns!  
It reminds me it's okay to mix things up & be daring!

Coral and lavender.  
I hadn't thought of that.
Add a dash of silver.   

Mmmm...that could be pretty, I think!

Just a sticky note pad, but look at those colors!
Bright red-orange, sky blue, tangerine,
plum, lime green, rosy pink!
Mixed together, they make for good, light-hearted fun!

This next one is from a piece of wrapping paper:

Sunny yellow, bright orange, turquoise,
tiny spots of lime, and pink with red?
Who thought up these colors?
(A genius!)  

More wacky combinations,
these found on my gecko magnets!
Blue and green, with yellow-orange dots.
Orange and red with a splash of green and blue.

Now, going for a much softer, subtle look...   You've seen my curtains before, but I love the simple colors here.  A light mix of aqua, a slightly darker turquoise, and white/ivory.  I'm picturing something with aqua beads and white pearls for this one!

An "odd couple" of images:
The first, a woven table mat.
The second, a sale ad that happened to be on my desk.
Both with shades of red, orange, coral, 
pale yellow, and ivory.
The colors are perfect for Fall, Summer, or Spring!
I picture ceramic or wood beads, big round glass beads, enamel, lampwork, anything goes!

Well, I need to finish a few pieces still "in progress," then I'm anxious to try out some of these color combinations!  I can plan so much faster than I can work and complete!  

If you happen to find inspiration of your own in one of these photos, will you please share your creation with us either on your own blog or here?   I'd love to see what you make!

Happy creating!


P.S. As often happens, between the day I wrote this and the day I am publishing, a major event has happened that relates to my topic!  It's all about color!  
Ever see this image on the side of a blog?  

Check out the "Color Palette Blog Walk" event organized by Brandi of BrandiGirl.  Participants photographed items that represented "joy" to them, then created color palettes.  The results were posted on blogs this morning.  Take the tour!  There is a list of blogs at the bottom of Brandi's page.  The photographs and color palette results are so inspiring!   (I'd like to know how they create the graphic lineup of color palettes!  Very cool!)

Anyway, you now have LOADS of color inspiration!  Enjoy!



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Mary C said...

You are right, there is alot of color inspiration here!

I liked the pendant you made but the new creation should be nice too with those other pieces. It looks like they'll go perfectly together.

I made tempura onion rings tonight and used honey mustard yogurt dressing as a dip. Can't ever go wrong with honey and mustard!

Sharyl said...

Now we're talking! That's the way I like my mustard!

Thanks for your other comments too! Much appreciated!