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What interesting people we've heard from and what projects they have introduced us to!  In discussing this topic, "Designing Jewelry for Special Audiences," we had such a wonderful response!   I've tried to find a way to summarize, and I knew it would be a challenge unto itself because of the wide variety of topics that were covered, but I did find some ways to categorize.

I saved this until now,
but here's the full photo of
Krista's son on Jewelry-Making Day!

1)  We started with a series of posts having to do with designing jewelry for children.   From projects to design FOR kids (girls and boys),...

 Krista moved us on to designing WITH kids...and the rest of her family!

2) Next, we moved to the other end of the age spectrum, to designing for seniors with special needs, in particular designing for ease of use.

"Last Leaf" Necklace
from "Plus Size Bangles"
3) One entry had to do with a different type of special need pertaining to size.  Karyn Lewis of "Plus Size Bangles" described how she filled a need for a friend needing 8" bracelets, and kept on making them for others.  Her Etsy shop now sells necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

4) Then on to a wide-array of people designing for special causes, including the following guests:
"Diabetes Awareness Bracelet--Crystal"
Lori Anderson Designs

In "Creating Jewelry for Special Causes," Lori Anderson shared how she began designing jewelry to raise money and awareness for people with a variety of disorders.

"Happy Head...Troll Bead"
from "TracyBell"

Tracy Bell spoke about the "Beads for Courage" program which provides beads to encourage young cancer patients.

Children from Africa
And finally, Gayle from the "Kit and Caboodle Shop" told us of making jewelry to help raise money to aid orphans in Africa.

There was a lively discussion throughout (which was just what I had hoped for), with special interest shown on the topics having to do with special causes.  Whether it was a question regarding how to use jewelry to "do good," helpful advice, or praise for those already at work, everyone was supportive.

I want to thank all who contributed, with a feature, a comment, or just reading along.  I know I learned a lot and hope you learned something too.  I certainly feel enriched by hearing your stories, and I feel new personal challenges ahead.

Thank you for sharing.



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