Monday, October 3, 2011

New Followers Welcome!

Hurrah!  We have new followers!  

New followers here always receive a special warm welcome.  Four of you arrived about the same time, so I hope you don't mind me combining the greeting!   

First, welcome to Laurie, of "Laurie's Jewel Box:  Artisan Crafted Jewelry."  In addition to her blog, she has an Etsy shop by the same name.  I'm loving her earrings that combine hammered copper with gemstones!  I'm glad we have some metalsmiths among us!    Which leads me to our next new participant,...

Leslie Todd has joined us!  I've been so impressed watching her make  etched cuffs on her blog, "No Stone Unstrung."   And, if anyone is looking for "Day of the Dead" earrings, Leslie's Etsy shop is the place to turn!   She also does lovely work with pearls and beautiful nature photography!    

From the United Kingdom, we have Deb from "Green Shoot Jewellry Designs."  I'll admit it, I've got a thing for "all things birds" lately, so I really like the background to her blog!   You'll also want to check out her two designs from the "Bead Soup Blog Party."  I think they are both just so lovely and creative! 

Finally, a warm welcome to Ann!  
(Ann, I wasn't able to get retrieve much information on your profile, so if/when you would like, I hope you'll tell us more about yourself and your interests in jewelry-making!)

I'm so glad to have each and every one of you join our group where we discuss designing and crafting jewelry and all things related.   We've just finished a couple of weeks of focused discussion on "Designing Jewelry for Special  Audiences."  We'll return to our "regular programming," (meaning the usual sorts of "anything goes" topics) with our next entry.   

Please join the discussion, ask questions, let us know what topics interest you, and (please, please) comment away!   Most of all, thank you again for joining  us!   

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Green Shoot Jewellery Designs said...

What a lovely post, thank you for such a warm welcome!
Deb x