Saturday, October 29, 2011

Color Inspiration: "Honey Mustard" it is!

So, we're back to "mustard" being named the "it" color for Fall.   (...And I said I only liked mustard when it was "honey  mustard.")   Well, it turns out my tastes run similar in food and colors.  I just couldn't bring myself to design an entire piece of jewelry around a color I personally find "distasteful."   (I know, pardon the pun... I started to say "icky," that would be worse!)

"Sneak Peak"
But I REALLY wanted to try to challenge myself to use a color I wouldn't ordinarily use, and yellows, whatever the hue, don't tend to be a primary color theme in my jewelry.  Like Winnie the Pooh, I put my finger to my head; said "Think, think, think," and decided I must have a spot of honey!   So, honey mustard it is--the color of and inspiration for my next piece!

What can I tell you about how I created this one?   After forming a general idea of the color of mustard I wanted, I had the notion I wanted to pair it with something cream colored, pearls perhaps.   I decided to just go shopping so I could get a good look at the bead colors, mix and match,  take them home, and start to work.  Once there, I changed my mind just a bit, but kept with the light and airy color scheme.

The Beads:
I chose citrine chunks (top) for the lighter color 
rather than the ivory pearls I had in mind,
and used 7x8mm potato fresh water pearls 
in amber for the darker mustard color.

I wasn't sure what I would use as my focal.  I considered antiqued brass or copper until I found this ceramic gold-colored leaf in a small sale bin, just calling my name--the only one--and in perfect condition!    I took it home and dressed it up a bit with green and amber pearls, added a copper tube bead I had from ages ago--I mean AGES, does 20+ years make it "vintage?"-- and focal!

The Focal:
A leaf among the leaves!

The clasp.

I used bright copper wire in two gauges to accommodate the bead sizes and I hammer-hardened each and every wire.  A third, very heavy gauge copper wire was used for the focal and clasp.  The jump rings and the tube bead for the focal were purchased and have an antiqued copper finish. 

The necklace.
The End.

My mustard, with a bit of sweetness added! 



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And as usual, comments and suggestions on the piece of  jewelry shown above or the photography are most welcome! It's one way I learn.   Also, if you've designed something "mustard" lately, feel free to include a comment with the link or URL to your piece so we can see what it looks like!  (For not being interested in mustard, I've become very interested in mustard!)    Thanks much!  --Sharyl



Photos & jewelry by Sharyl


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Carole M. said...

Hi Sharyl; how sweet your autumnal coloured jewellery; beautiful photography too. Thanks for coming by my blog.

T... said...

I love this piece and a colour I find hard to worth with as well. You did wonders with the 'mustard' the leaf...

Sharyl said...

My thanks to both of you! As you can tell, I really struggled with this color challenge, but was determined to give it a try! I struggle with photography too, but I think I'm improving, bit by bit, with a lot of work still needed, ... so I appreciate your compliment there too!

Carole, I must also tell you that we have a connection--though a distant one. My husband's family is from Australia--but way on the other side (Perth, WA). We make the traditional stop to your state though, as we begin our journey across to the other side! (Loved your stained glass window photo taken in Sydney!) I have a great fondness for your country!

Best wishes,